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» F/S/T: Hottttttest GraphitE Angel 4 FLY - L••K: F/S/T! «

Today I have here an incredebly SexY GaT For Sale Or For Trade

I recieved this gun in a trade, and let me tell you, it shoot FLAWLESSLY. The trigger had a little stick in it, but i fixed that right up and its perfect, Seriously. Didn't chop one ball while playing. Insane gun. I just want something new and different.

Angel 4 Fly
**Has Eyes**
*Soft Nose Bolt!* - Super Sexy!
Torpedo Regulator
Check-It Unimount (scratched up - i recieved it like that)
A 12'' Dye Boomstick (glued) - .690
Stock Infinity Barrel (Graphite color to match - Very sexy looking)
Stock Clamping Feedneck - Clamps and has 3 O-Rings for added support and
grip - Graphite Color too
LCD Menu Screen
Stock LP 3.0 Board

Angel Car Charger!
Ram Tool
LPR Gauge
Piston Extracting Tool
And One other tool - not sure what it is, lol
-All of these help in cleaning/lubing your Angel 4 Fly.

Looking for around $675 OBO. Yes, I AM looking for trades!

Pictures!: (Click On Pics To Enlarge)

¡¡Accesories!! \/ \/ (Pics)

Trades (want):
PM5's! - Definitely Want!
Pm6's - would be lovely! =D
G7's ( =D )
Timmy's! (nothing pre 2k4)
Anything High End

Ions - been there done that
Cockers (unless its Mad Nice)
No LowBalls - Don't make me be mean

I Don't Ship First. Period.
I accept Paypal (+3%) and Money Orders
Feedback is in my sig
Contact me at or dopey070 on AIM. Please Post Here
Thanks For Looking!

good luck getting anything on ur trade list unless u add alot (i meant besides pm5's)

up for a neighbor

why am i upping?

and, u said no cockers, but u said u wanted a karni... i am confused
g36 monkey

feedback in your sig...i see no sig Laughing

glued barrel? that has to lower my expectations for a deal (if i had the money lol)

it is one of those old boomsticks that came glued. i will be nice and find his feedback for ya'll
there is his feedback

lol, thanks alec. So what if i dont want cockers and i want dont hate. and i've seen pm5s go for like 500 easily. and flys go for at least 625. So i dont see how it isnt a fair trade.

Yeah it is one of those old boomsticks that came glued. I recieved it in a trade.

Lower your expectations? Come on its just a barrel ^^. Plus the stock barrel is a lot nicer (IMO)

ay yo

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