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$58.88 E-bolt

The 888 Paintball catolog just came in and There is a Model 98 Electronic conversion kit. It is only $58.88. It comes with the whole thing and a palmer. It says Model 98 NOT Custom. I want it for my custom, but why wouldn't it work for the custom?

Must be on clearance because its for the M98. Only thing that looks differant is the way the trigger directly hits the switch (by the plastic part that sticks out, diifferant from the 98c).

You could deffinatly put that on a 98c, with a few modding around.
Roll Tide

TriggerHappy1 wrote:

You could deffinatly put that on a 98c, with a few modding around.

Like TH1 said, you could do a little modding and it would work fine. If you know you could make it work, that's an awesome price. Probably wouldnt want to pass it up.

Thats old school
Night Hawk

cdacda13 wrote:
Thats old school


i wonder how fast it can go??????
g36 monkey

watch they will send it, and its gonna be missin a noid or somethin.

DANG! I was hoping that was for a 98c. I'd get a few and sell them to my clueless paintball friends with 98cs and M98s. Tounge

Bruce A. Frank said he bought a few and they aren't too hard to mod to a 98c.

Its the first gen e-bolt.

According to my knowledge, Pycho Ballistics was the first to produce an e-bolt. I believe that the Psycho Ballistics e-bolt.

Then, tippmann bought the producation rights.

I think Iv heard the original E-bolts were capped at only 13bps.
g36 monkey

i read that in a magazine a long.......long time ago, saying that they were only 13bps but you know we had our tinkerers out there that made it better.

the ebolts are teh uber fast upgrades for a 98

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