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08 Turkey Bowl

That time of the year again.

Played both days in the higher and lower divisions. The lower division allows 1 person from the higher division, so we weren't sandbagging. My 2 team mates were both fairly new, one had been playing 6 months and the other had played 3 times in the past year. We ended up winning every game but one in the finals. I only got shot once (in that one game we lost). We won 09 SlG's. Twas fun.

In the higher division we did pretty well, about 8th of 16 after all but one of our games. We  needed to win our last game to get into the finals. Last game came around, we took 2 of their guys out early. I went to bunker the last guy, got shot out, but my teammate was coming around the other side, and my third teammate was also on his way. The first person got hit in the hopper, stopped shooting, got called on a 1 4 1 for playing on, effectively making us not get into the finals. The team we played got 3rd, and we had beaten 2 of the 6 teams in finals, tied 1 of them, and didn't play 2 of them. Very disapointing.

Anywho, here are some pictures

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

You Wont See Me

Looks like a good time. I haven't gotten out to play in quite some time.

I'm thinking shooting my friends will be some good stress relief after finals.


I haven't played in what seems forever. Every once in awhile I think about selling my gear. I don't want to though. I'll probably just hold onto it for the possibility of using it.
g36 monkey

hopefully i wont be broke come december 20th because my team is going to an event and i havent played in soooo long

however, proto has a problem
the battery wire got messed up and came out
so i had to remove the harness off the board which has the microswitch on it as well
at least i think thats what it is
im so paintball term rusty
its pathetic

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