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11 string bass tapping- mario theme

Hugeeeee bass. notice hes not picking the strings at all, but tapping.

didnt think it was that great untill i noticed the entire thing was being tapped, which is very hard.

Very Happy Thats pretty cool!!!! And, what kind of insterment was it?

Its an 11 string bass guitar. iv never een a bass with that many strings. most iv heard of was 7 which was already extremly thick.

daaamn that is crazy

That bass is obnoxiously big. The neck is twisted, lol.

That's pretty sick though. Primus does a song called DMV that's all hammer ons that I can play.

jesus thats huge. i wonder if he'll actually use those skills for some money lol. thanks for showin that th1

My only question is: why would you want a bass that big? Kinda cool though.

sinisterNorth wrote:
My only question is: why would you want a bass that big? Kinda cool though.

Much higher range of notes is why. Iv played a 7-string guitar and just one extra string changes a lot, just an extra top thick string makes powerchords and everything sound sick.

Iv played a 12-string guitar too, it has the standard 6 strings E-e tuned, but tiny strings along each regular string which gives it extra ring. They sound amazing.

12 strings are cool. I'll be buying a bass soon, just a four string. I can play a 5 fine enough (slap-wise anyway) but a four would be better for my purposes.

And I've always wanted to give the mandolin a shot.

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