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2 new putfile vids of Demus eating

*Let me mention first that this isn't for the weak stomached and shouldn't be viewed, so no complaining. I made this post for the members who asked me too.*
OK not many got to the file front download so today I fed her and kept the video below 10 megs so that it could be hosted.
This first video is how it started. You can hear my GF in the backround, she forgot I was filming.
This is the conclusion:

haha that is cool is it eating a mouse?

That is pretty cool.

That was a baby rat. Mice are not as loud.
Roll Tide

As I said in your other thread:

Sucks for the rat.

That's the life of food, sucks for beef, pork and pultry also. Demus tries to eat as humane as a monitor can.

you ever concidered filming for "wild america" just kidding. that's prety cool rat didn't stand a chance!

I have done some nature filming but not for "Wild America" it was chiclids (a freshwater tropical fish from Lake Malowi and Tanganyika, Africa)

Sometimes Demus gets bit by the mice and rats, but I seperate them with my pocket knife if it get's too bad. I don't like Demus getting scared up because then you have to wait for her to shed a few times to get rid of the scars.

i would kill the rats before you let her eat them.

Then I would have an obese and unhealthy pet because live feeding is one of the few ways to get a juvanile monitor to exersize. By nature they are a lazy hideing creature, that only goes out to hunt. I get her to swim but often she prefers to float. Large reptiles usually have limited stamina.

oh Confused


That is vicious. At the end of the first one Demus starts going crazy whipping that thing around.

She looks violent, but if you wanted to you could carefully pet her while she does that. She doesn't freny like a water dragon I had when I was an early teen.


I wish I had a pet like that.

Very cool. Demus is amazing...

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