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3 man winter touramnet

Hey just saying my team is competing in a 3 man wither tourament at skirmish PA, soo if u guys have any tips your welcoeme to post

Here is what I find...

Always have someone laning off the break. Always. It is good to have someone staying at home, probably the slowest person.

Make sure your guns work. This cannot be stressed enough.

Make sure you have enough money. Paint is expensive, and running out of cash during a tourny would suck.

Keep your guns up at all times.

Keep shooting if possible. You will want to stay as tight to your bunker as possible, and I generally shoot slow at the left side of thier bunker (or whatever side they are popping out of the most). Just to keep em in, and if they do pop out you got em. Once you have em in, you can wrap around and get people across the field, or at home.

Walk the field before the game, and find good bunkers. Hit up these bunkers.

Try to keep moving. Don't just stay in one place. Get to your bunker, get your guy in, then get to your next bunker. It will keep the other team on thier toes.

Have a set of codes, and always be talking.

Have 1 person be more of a front player, and have him/her push the tape. In a 3 man, it is also easy to push the center depending on the set up. Then have 2 people stay back more. I like to spread out the field, have one on each side (one in middle). This way, you can get angles on everything. Stacking one side of the field doesn't work well in 3 man.

If there is a snake, try to get in it as soon as possible, but don't be reckless when getting to it. Don't make stupid runs that you won't be ablet to make. In 3 man, getting one person out is a big deal.

Keep a death count, always be saying it. To many times my team has forgetten the death count, and been too cautious when going to hand the flag, and not gotten the hang (we carefully went the rest of the way down field, ran out of time)

Try to get hte flag pull if you are near it. This is big points. Also, don't forget to hang the flag. I have seen it happen alot before.

Be careful with the refs. If you think you are hit, stop shooting, get in your bunker, and get a ref over. A 1 4 1 is not what you want in a 3 man tourny.

Cross shoot alot. If you have angles on two people, keep switching it up.

Blind shoot (not putting your gun around corner and shooting). This is when there is a bunker between you and your opponent, and you can't see eachother. If you walked hte field, you will know where this bunker is, and if you can hit it. I like to get really low in my bunker if there is a short bunker between us, and we can see each other. This way, your opponent won't see you, and you can lob balls at him (generally works better when going up against newer players).


abr5 probably has the most experience from all of us. I can't think of anything he didn't mention, except maybe sliding so you don't get hit soo much.
Keep elbows in. Be in a stance that allows you to move when ever.

I can't stress it enough and neither can abr5, but talk. I have a problem with talking in all the sports I do. It can be a big downfall.
When you see a chance, take it. You might not get that chance later. I have taken out a whole team in less than 10 seconds because I took my chance and ran to the snake.
g36 monkey

communication is probably the biggest key in paintball.

if your rec-balling or in a tourney, its always important. I know i get mad when rec balling and Im on the noob team, and none of them will talk to me, so we end up losing.


thanks you guys helped alot, were looknig forward to the touraemnt conserding its are first one! I'll remeber talkin we always say that wen we practice to

yeah, i forget about sliding. I just figured that it was assumed.

Superman ftw

lol, well i play back and i understand you want to pretty much hug the bunker so how many pods should i carry?

that completely depends on your style of play. I've gone through 50 shots and won a game, and I've gone through 5 pods and lost a game. I'd bring out ~4, just to be safe.

4 pods should do it. It won't be too much that it is too heavy, or too little that you will be searching the ground for balls. If you are a heavy shooter, you might need more though.

Skirmish is a really cool place to play, iv been there multiple times. Just expect to spend a rediculous amount on paint ($100/case)

oh god, skirmish. ewwy. expensive much?!?!!? that would be like a 500 dollar day of play for me...

well in the skirmish magizne in the tourament section it says paint/72 and i not sure if thats for ur team or you must buy it
You Wont See Me

Make sure you walk the field before hand and everyone knows where they are going, where their lanes are, what the lanes are on them, ect

ah, good ponit YWSM. completely forgot that.

Try to get hte field to yourself, so you can pretend to do braek outs w/o people getting in the way, just to see the distances, and if you can make it. Look at every bunker, and its advantages and disadvantages. Pretend to play that bunker so you can see what you can and can't shoot in a game, and who can and can't shoot you.

Also, bring lots of gatorade, and many paper towels

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