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50 cent and Fat Joe

not sure if this goes here or is about music. but whats going on with 50 cent and Fat Joe...and the song that 50 cent made about him.. Piggy Bank and Fat Joes song **** 50?

Rappers like to fight with each other..

50>Fat Joe

They both suck, majorly.

cdacda13 wrote:
They both suck, majorly.

I disagree slightly, I hate 50, but I gotta admit, Many Men and Hate it or love it, he laid it down, Fat joe is good for parties, not much else, I prefer Nelly at parties though Nelly, Ciara , and Luda.

Yes, many men is pretty good.
But, Hate it or love it isn't even his song. Thats teh games song.

Fat Joe, I just dont like him or his music.

I just plain don't like rap music. All those "fights" and stuff are staged beyond belief. I think the only real one was Tupacs death.

Tupac and Biggie was real, and Snoop fought with someone... does Eminem count? He fought with Self-Proclaimed rapper Michael Jackson....

cda, Are you serious that The Game? When I downloaded it from my illegal file sharing site it said 50 Cent - Hate it Or Love it...

EDIT: Nevermind, it said 50 Cent - Hate it or Love it (G-Unit Remix)

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