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98 Custom Flatline

clearing out the stuff i don't use so up for sale is a very good used flatline barrel, the outside has VERY minor scratches and the inside of the barrel is like brand new. you guys know the features so no sales pitch, price is $75 shipped. up for sale here for a few days then off to eBay so if you want it lemme know.

price is pretty firm, not really looking for trade but will concider anything (PB related)

....i maybe interested...always wanted to try the flatline.....let me think about it a little longer.....

hot deal, i wold but dont got the money.

If Tig decides to put his flatline on Ebay, I might put mine up for sale. I need some money for my quarter pipe. It would be relatively in the same price range.

going once...........

going twice.......

and sold to cda for 200 bucks

LOL, Nice arb

going to eBay........lock er up boys

Ok. PM me if you want to post a link to it here. Just incase.

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