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98C Modded VS. 98CP Modded

OK, which one is better. A 98 Custom w/ Flatline and R/T. Or a 98 Custom Pro w/ Stiffi 14'' and E-Grip

i hate flatlines, and rt's feel wierd

Flatlines are too much work sometimes. Go with choice 2.

i have to say 2 also cuz u have various modes other than an adjustable single mode (and idk much about flatlines)

#2 I love my CPE w/ Bigshot.
g36 monkey

the CPE because i hear flatlines can be quite the hassle on 98s....and R/T's can be remotely hard to tune...and i like stiffis.

They are not even comparable. They do not necessarily fit in the same category. The Pro with ups is more for speedball, while the 98 is set up for woods. In overall performance, the Pro is going to smother the 98, but it is all up to the person behind the marker to decide which suits him/her best.

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