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98c ups or a spyder aggrisve

which should i get??? i need the spyder because all the kids in my nighbor hood come to my house saying lets play paintball when they no i dont have an extra gun so thats what the aggrisve is for. Or should i save up and buy the 98c upgrades???

thanks guys!!

Tell the kids in your neighborhood to buy their own dang guns.

Get some nice ups for the 98c..simple choice if you ask me Cool

LOL easy as that.

Find a few cheap Talons or Blades on Ebay. Then up the 98c with what you have left.

see that's just mooching off you and pb isnt cheap. let em buy their own. but up the 98 of course.
You Wont See Me

Why do you have to be the one to supply them? Make them get their own stuff.

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