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A-5 lots of ups

ok, im not really looking to get rid of it yet, jsut looking tos ee wat i could get for this.

So, it is an A-5 egrip, would comne with stock grip. has a rufus dawg duel trigger, a psycho ballistics duel trigger (doesn't work with E grip), and a home made duel trigger that i made a magnetic trigger (doesn't work the E grip)
It has a smart parts All American from 2001, stock barrel, and this long 16' piece of crap barrel. umm. polished internals, lapco adapter, (not selling the drop foward) one problem is, wen i got the drop foward on it, the person taking the steel line off the old ASA stole that ASA, so you would need to get a new ASA. only used in 3 games, but shot alot at my house

wanting to get rid of it cuase it is too big and bulky.

wanting trades for an ion with a hopper, or jsut an ion, maybe an omen, dunno, also want to know how much i could get for it... but prob will keep it unless i see something i really like.

EDIT- Everythng on this gun would reaitail at $450, so, price is flecible, but $325 would be good

ill think about it it looks nice
You Wont See Me

You'd probably get more performance and a higher price for it if it had a JCS dual on it.

Just a suggestion if you do keep it.

i already have a buyer, cept gotta confirm with everyone, including my parents
You Wont See Me

Kepp us informed so we can lock this when it sells.

i didn't sell it, but my dad says he doesn't want it to be shipped. so, u can lock it

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