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abandoned warehouse. finally got in

it was crazy guys. check it out

What is it with your town and having cool buildings?
g36 monkey

dude that place looks freakin sweet, it would be cool for could use some of that wood they have and setup bunkers Laughing

Your such an explorer....and i wanna know what HS asked too Confused

Yeah this place would be incredible for paintball. Except itd be much too loud. And I did see a few paintball splats in this one room, or thats what it looked like anyway.

And we just discovered another warehouse in a nearby town about 20mins away. this one i went to today is about 5yds from my house. and now that we opened the nearest door, its like walking into my house.

Theres abandoned places everywhere, just gota look.

great directory here-

Business must be terrible out there if all those buildings get shut down.

Nice pics

Actualy it was a factory for a furniture store down the street, and for something else. One of the theories for abandonment was bad conditions, which was later found to be untrue before the factory moved to a new location. something like that, noone really knows though. And business is getting worse as the Philadelphia city-suburb line moves higher and higher

Your mom is hot.

dude, that'd be hot to have an enormus paintball game in!!

Nice pics!!

Awesome pics. Wish I had stuff like that around me.

woah. you grew youre hair ALOT. hehe in one pick you look like the guy who played Jack Torrance in the original "The Shining".

Ghostslinger wrote:
woah. you grew youre hair ALOT. hehe in one pick you look like the guy who played Jack Torrance in the original "The Shining".

my brother was watching the picks with me and he said that also. Laughing Laughing

Im not the one with hair down to shoulders if thats what your looking at. but my hair is the longest its been, and i plan on getting it that long.

And tomorrow im going back with the guy from that local underground company who created the movie "Sabotage." me him and a skater are going in to skate and tag. yeah hes gonna skate down the conveyer belt. there will definatly be footage.

Were is this wear house located?

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