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ACI Turret 12gram changer (not new, but never seen it)

The guy whos selling that "SL-68 II CF barrel" sold this.

Similar concept to the AGD SixPak expect a revolver style instead of a magazine. Pretty cool.

Yes, those are rare as hell.
g36 monkey

seems pretty cool. I dont have anything that runs off a 12 gram...yet, but when i do i will still just do it manually, because i dont need to spend, i would just be using a oistol in my backyard anyways, no need for quick reload.

Could run your A-5 off of it. Or any gun with an ASA.


geese you shouldn't have to tell a mod that! just kidding TH1

it's a neat concept......not worth the $$ though

OMG sorry!!!! *Gives self strike*.

Thats pretty cool. I want to get a 12g changer for my SL. Not to hijack the thread, but anyone know where I can get one?

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