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All of my bought stuff...

I'll post pics up as things arrive, along with what I've paid.  I've been getting some really good deals lately.  I just snagged an extremely great deal on a 98c and some stuff.  Pics should be up within the next few days, or maybe as early as tonight.


98c w/ R/T and X-Chamber
2 14" SP TearDrop Barrels
Steel 14oz CO2 tank
(Got the Super R/T hose from Tippmann and a T-fitting for the R/T and Cyclone incase I get a Cyclone)

$40 (May sell the X-Chamber and am selling 1 of the TearDrops)


Stock Grips
Stock Front Grip
Stock ASA and Hose
Homemade Drop (threw in free)

Traded it for a Hacky Sack I don't use and a Livestrong bracelet (May use on the R/T'd Tippy)


I didn't take pics of all of it, but it includes:
Tippmann Flag (huge)
BT Bi-pod
98c Flatline
98c Car Stock

$50 (I might sell the flag if I get a good offer)

I got everything in that picture except for the A-5 barrel, and the 98c works!  Since I already have a car stock on the way, I might sell the two in this pack, and keep the one on the 98c.  Then I'll set this 98c up with that stock, the mag if I can make it work, the M4 front shroud/barrel, sight rail, ect.  Then I'll set the R/T'd one up with a flatline and car stock.  I'll sell off some stuff to help pay what I spent on it.  It was cheap...

$70 for everything but the A-5 barrel (I should either break even or make money off of this buy)

Cyclone Feed System for 98c
Tac Cap
He'll include a ball detent if he can find one too.

Traded it for a 14" SP Teardrop barrel (Came w/ R/T'd 98c above)

Nice buys, Smitty. I take it you're going to get back into paintball now that your brother and his friends are interested?

sinisterNorth wrote:
Nice buys, Smitty. I take it you're going to get back into paintball now that your brother and his friends are interested?
I'm really hoping so.  My brother's had a 98c for a few years, but just hasn't had the balls or people to play.  He started out kind of rough, because one of my "friends" let my brother shoot him, but he didn't stand that far back.  Well my brother shot him and the kid about cried.  Pansy...

Well I got the 98c stripped and milled last night.  I did have to do a little filling in with some good 'ol JB Weld, but it turned out ok.  I have the primer, but I may be heading out today to get some dull black paint and clear coat, as well as some more JB Weld for what will be here hopefully late next week.

Well I've been working on the milling and priming/painting lately.  I've got one reciever done (primer, paint, clear coat) but the other is just in primer.  It doesn't look the greatest, since I had to JB weld some low spots, but I'm not too worried about it.  I'll try to get that painted and done tonight, so I can start putting it back together and making sure it all works.  I'm suprised...Not too many comments (1!!!).  What's up with that?  No one checks this anymore?  Anyway, I'll post pics of what should be on the way soon...


What hopper is that in the last pic I have up?  I believe it's a Ricochet (sp?) Apache, or some other Ricochet (sp?) hopper, but I'm not positive.  Also, if anyone sees anything they want in that picture, PM me.  

Suggestions on what I should do with these are also appreaciated, and will be considered.

It's definately a ricochet.

RoboCop wrote:
It's definately a ricochet.
Are they any good?  The only electro-hopper I've ever had was 2 Egg2's.  They were alright, except for the weird look, and never fitting into the feedneck right.

They are decent. Fast nonetheless but also extremely noisy. I believe it does have a sensing system so that it isn't on all the time.

Well I got just about everything in, and the guy that sold me the Bi-Pod, flag, car stock, and flatline felt bad about sending the wrong stuff and taking forever, so he gave me a new flatline and car stock, and threw in a $20 bill!  So I got the Bi-Pod, Flag, new Flatline, and car stock for $30 shipped!  Score one for Smitty!  Cheers

awesome deal

Things have really come together. I expect to see finished pics soon.

Well I sandblasted the recievers yesterday, as well as milling the letters and jb welding some low spots.  It should be finished sometime in the near future, but we're heading to a hotel for tonight for boys state tournaments.


The Flatline I got was missing a nut and bolt by the rear site.  If anyone's got those, lmk.  Otherwise I'll just dig around a see if I can find one.
g36 monkey

ace should have any kind of bolt you will ever need.

Well, I've got just a couple updates.  I traded the Tippmann banner for a N64 package (comes w/ everything + some baseball game), and 3 PS2 games for the girlfriend (yes, I am the perfect boyfriend Cool ).  I also traded the 20oz tank that I got in the deal + $10 for an Engler M16/M4 Magazine.  It's the same as the Bossman magazine, but Bossman got bought out by Engler I guess.  Anyway, I might be having a sale here soon if anyone's interested.  We'll see when I find time.
g36 monkey

your a lucky man smitty  Rambo

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