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All of my for sale stuff... Miscellaneous Gear/Parts

Egg is sold

Milled 98c - Sold

Pro E - Sold Zap Amp

Not selling the 98c anymore

Your links to the pictures are all private so people aren't going to want to buy unless those become not private.

Why are you selling all your stuff?

I'm keeping the SL-68 II, but I need the money and I never play anymore. And thanks to abr and tig for the ups.

Ugh...I'm having second thoughts about the 98c now. It was my first gun, and now the gf is thinking of trying paintball. Maybe I'll keep the 98c and bigshot... Any suggestions?
g36 monkey

keep those.

and whos to say you cant use them while your waiting to sell.

if it takes a while, you will have plenty of time to use them and decide.

keep the 98, you don't have alot into it and it won't bring much in the used market. who knows you might get back into it in a few years and will be pissed because you have to start all over again.

Free ups are appreaciated. Smile

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