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All you need to know about IONS

Ok there seems to be quite a few ION threads so to help I pulled up this from my Tippmann thread. I do not take any credit for anything written in the fallowing;

First off, the Ion uses an open bolt electropneumatic blowforward design similar to that of the Automag, Freestyle, or closed bolt (prototype) Shocker SFT. In brief, the bolt is blown forward during firing, at which point air passages in the bolt become open and air is released down the barrel to fire the paintball. The bolt is pushed back and held there by pressure from the solenoid.

The gun comes with an eye that can be turned on and off. There are currently 4 colors available (black, red, blue, and yellow) and will be more available coming this summer. The shell comes off the gun like a cell phone cover.

LENGTH: 18 inches
WEIGHT: 2 pounds and 2 ounces
STOCK BARREL: new ion barrel 12 inches
THREADING: feedneck and barrel are both Impulse threaded
BATTERY: 9 volt
AIR SOURCE: anti-syphon co2 or nitro(compressed air)
AIR EFFICIENCY: 1200 shots from a 68/45 tank, 800 shots from a 20 oz co2 tank
FIRING MODES: full auto, 3 shot burst, semi auto, rebound
MAX RATE OF FIRE: 17 bps on semi and rebound, 10 on full auto and 3 shot burst
ADJUSTABLE FEATURES: dwell, rate of fire, fire mode
TRIGGER: adjustable length, tension, and stop point through two set screws.

Where can I find a manual? and

What tools will I need?
Your Ion will come with some of them. .05", 3/32", and 1/8" allen wrenches. 5/8" and 7/16" double open end wrench. Spare parts kit. YOU WILL NEED a 9/16" deep well socket and rachet and a Phillips screwdriver.

Is the only way to exit the programming mode by pulling the trigger, or is there a time limit after which it exits the programming mode?
Yes, youhave to pull the trigger.

How many shots per 9v does the gun get?
Approx 15,000.

What is the operating pressure of the solenoid?
Same as the rest of the gun.

How does the feedneck utilize the o-rings?
There are grooves milled on the inside of the feedneck where the rings are placed. If the fit is too tight you can remove one and it will be looser

What HPA tank output pressure can I use?
If you're using a preset tank, it is best to use an HP output tank. Most LP preset tanks don't have enough flow to keep up with the marker. A LP Crossfire tank is just about the only LP preset tank that can handle it.
Don't have to worry about tank output pressure if you're using CO2.

What parts are interchangeable?
You can unscrew the verticle regulator and change it, barrel of course, and the feedneck. It is not compatable with other boards.

Is the pressure gauge on the regulator or the gun?

How do you adjust the velocity?
Use the 5/8" wrench to turn the hex section at the bottom of the regulator. Clockwise to turn the velocity up.

Is the gun plastic?
No, the Ion is made from powder-coat finish aluminum except for the cosmetic polymer exoskeleton that is placed around the body. This allows for all the benefits of aluminum construction with the added ability to change the color and design without having to purchase a whole new body. Further, it is a lot faster to change the skin than to swap out bodies.
Great idea, cuts costs and customizes your gun much easier. Who wants to pay 150 for an anno job when you can pay 30 for some shells?

why impulse threads?
most probably for these reasons
1. SP has plenty of imp threaded freak kits they wanna get rid of
2. so do other people with imp barrels

is it spring return?

what boards are coming out?
Wicked Air Sportz has ordered Ions for testing.

Is there a warranty on the gun?
1 year warranty:
to initial retail purchaser that the marker and regulator are free from defects, electronics
6 month:
Valve assembly, solenoid, and assembly

How can i void my warranty?
The warranty doesnt include scratches, nicks, misude, improper re-assembly and disassembly. Also, if you drill any holes, remove anything from the external surface, or alter the trigger assembly you will loose your warranty. You must have your warranty registration card (comes with gun).

Why should I get the Ion instead of the Shocker or Nerve, or Impulse?
The Ion is specifically designed to be high performance for low cost. Although you will receive improved speed, consistency, efficiency, and other areas with a Nerve or Shocker, the idea is that you will be able to upgrade the Ion gradually instead of spending the money on the higher-end SP marker.
Production costs were kept to a minimum on the Ion just so the MSRP of $300 would be possible.

Is the on off button that red thing next to the word power?

Does the Ion have a tourny lock?

How do you switch modes?
Using the trigger and on/off buttons.

How do you change the exoskeletons?
The exoskeleton is held onto the body using several standard screws. You must take off the grip frame and remove the screws holding it to the body, and can then switch it out with a new skin. Quick and easy to perform, anytime you want.

I heard the Vision system in Impulses and Shockers isn't as good as some other guns out there. Is the Ion different?
Yes, the Ion uses a transmissive (aka. beam-break) anti-chop eye system instead of the reflective eyes used in the Shocker and Impulse. There is no such thing as an invisible paint when using beam-break eyes.

Technical Questions:

What is the best dwell setting to use?
We suggest you use the stock dwell setting of 52 as it should do the job. Don't mess too much with the settings unless you wish to spend time trying to figure out what might possibly work best.

My Ion chops right in the beginning of the barrel...what can I do?
You may wish to try using a softer SFT o-ring (the 17/70 instead of the 17/90). Another popular solution would be to use a dremel or other rotary tool to smooth down the forward edge of the SFT o-ring groove. I provide this service for a small fee.

What types of regulators can be used on the Ion?
Most aftermarket regulators that will work on other electropneumatics will function on the Ion, so long as they can regulate to a low enough pressure and be able to keep up with the necessary recharge rates. The following is a short list of several of the regulators which can keep up (there are more, threse are just some examples): Smart Parts Max-Flo, AKALMP Sidewinder, MacDev Max Attack and Conquest regs, Crossfire preset tank regs, Air America Armageddon, PMI THOR (some users claim this reg can keep up; others do not), Hyper-Flow regs, Bob Long Torpedo, Custom Products regulator.

If the Vision eye is activated, isn't the maximum ROF cap disabled?
No, Smart Parts does not program their boards to do this, unlike some other manufacturers.

What hopper should I buy? or Should I use an eVolutionII or a Halo?
This is also a matter of personal preference. I suggest you try both and see how they compare. Remember the vast balance difference between the eVolution and the Halo.

This thread brought to you by NiGhTsOlDiEr333, Ydna, and bunkerdive, of PBN

how do you turn on tourny lock....
You Wont See Me

I love you. :wee:

Embarassed The tourny lock is not 'turned on', the only way that you can change modes or settings is through the grip frame, buy changing the dip switch settings, this will turn of the marker rendering it unusable during the time period which the switchs are in the settings format.... this is your tourny lock.

I wanna see an 18" ion without a barrel or tank....

Thats w/barrel I'm gonna assume

Nice review..

Yeah i assume its with barrel to but a giant ion would be kinda neat

Yeah otherwise that'd be a VERY long gun. Surprised

great review.

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