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You Wont See Me

Am I going to hell?

I'm pretty sure I am.

Work is pretty much starting to suck hardcore, so we have to find other ways to make it interesting. Neither of us (kid i was working with tonight) cares if we get fired, so we tend to have some fun.

Tonight at work me and another kid tricked a new guy into doing ALL of our work. For those of you that dont know, I stock at a grocery store. We were running the stuff on the ad and he was supposed to be running the coke/pepsi. We had some Hy-vee (store I work at) pop on the ad and we convinced him that it was part of the stuff he was suppsoed to run. We then proceeded to tell him we'd put the stuff on his cart that had to be ran and then he could just go out and run that and we'd load up another for him. We slowly started putting cereal, gatorade, ect on the loads he was supposed to be running and by the end of the night he wasnt even running pop anymore, just our stuff. Laughing Sure it was mean, but it was funny as hell.

We also told our manager we had no money for dinner, so she gave us $5 for a large pizza and a 2 liter of pop. I had money on me but the other kid already owed me and it was his turn to pay. After break we see one of our football teammates come into the store, and he was definatly poping some pills before hand. We decided to take full advantage... We told him we needed $5 to pay the manager back, and he was like alright let me buy something to break my $20. He buy it, asks how much we need, we say $10, he gives us 10. We pay the manager, and then proceed to get ourself a little after work snack.

We also drove the handicapped carts around the store.

Not a bad night if i do say so myself, considering I was getting paid.
Roll Tide

Re: Am I going to hell?

You Wont See Me wrote:

We also drove the handicapped carts around the store.

I LOVE doing that. Everyone just moves out of your way.

I love the handicapped carts.

If you get fired, it could look bad on your resume.
You Wont See Me

I really doubt I'd ever get fired. The guys in charge of the store love me.

Nice way to make the rookie do all the work. Great idea.

hahahaha sounds awsome, still no job for me Confused

yeah, your going to hell.....see ya there!

it's his "breaking in" someday he will pass it on to the next newb.

Sounds like a good time. Cool

Yes, where you will be forced to stock shelves for all eternity.

in hell, the devil will do what he did to hitler in Little Nicky to you everyday Shocked
g36 monkey

sounds like a good time. Its always fun tricking people out of money Laughing

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