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an idea for my 98c i had....

i just found out that when my centerfeeder feeds the paint into my gun the ball rolls off the ball latch then comes to rest on the front bolt before being shown in pic....

i was thinking of some how to make my centerfeeder feed the paintballs between the ball latch and the front shown in pic...

..this would mean that the hole for the centerfeeder must be moved back and maybe the powertude to....but also to add to this idea...then with this done the ball would still move around between the ball latch and the front bolt...
i was thinking also on adding some sort of pin or somthing that can be inserted in the powertude..that dose not block the air from makin the gun shot..that keeps the paintball from rollin around between the ball latch and front shown in pic...

but it should be adjustable some how to fit different sizes of paint...i think after doin this all this would add accuracy to the 98c..cause the ball while in the breach it would not move around..letting the front bolt hit the paintball exactually in the same spot as the paintball before that, while firing.

would this work????

please post if you have anything to add on this.....
g36 monkey

I think i sort of understand what you are saying. As far as i know it would make it a little more accurate. I wouldnt trust myself to do it, but you seem pretty smart like you know what youre doin.

It doesnt matter if the ball can move freely or not when in the breech. When the front bolt goes forward, inertia makes the ball "stick" to the front bolt then the air is released. And I dont see what the "pin" would do other than add limitations to your gun and get in the way.

Are you trying to stop roll back?

cdacda13 wrote:
Are you trying to stop roll back? have the ball come in the breach of the gun and not move before the bolt hits it.....

Why do you think it matters if it moves or not?

i don't think it would help that much because the ball could still move arround until it is seated in the barrel

Move the ball dent up maybe

I dont think the pin would really help. The ball will most likely move anyways. I dont think it would have any effect on your accuracy either. I dont know though, I kinda get what you're talking about.

As long as your not chopping, I say leave it because I doubt it will help you .

i wouldn't do it, it doesn't seem like it would help all that much

I'm thinking it's too much work for too little of a result. It shouldn't hurt anything the way it is now.

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