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Angel Force FBS Tadao Board

Kay, I bought this beast last Sunday evening. I received it on Wednesday.

Opening the anti-static bag, I caressed the creamy white circuitry with blue letters. I fondled the micro switch; Feels under 25g. The manual is three pages, but it has the irritating Tadao watermark all over it. It makes some parts hard to read. I flittered through the manual, and noted the modes:

1. Semi-automatic, unlimited rate of fire
2. Semi-automatic, adjustable rate of fire
3. PSP auto-response-First three shots semi, then one shot per pull, one shot per release. Semi count will begin over again if you stop shooting for one second.
4. PSP mild ramping, adjustable ramp start- Will slowly ramp ROF based on speed of pulls. Ramp start 4-14 bps.
5. PSP max ramping, adjustable ramp start- PSP rules apply. Will max out loader almost immediately.
6. PSP Z-burst- PSP rules apply. Each pull fires 2-3 balls.
7. NXL full-automatic- PSP rules apply, but instead of ramping itís Automatic.
8. Auto-response- Shot on pull and release.
9. Mild ramping- Similar to PSP Mild, just no PSP rules.
10. Max ramping- Similar to PSP Max, just no PSP rules.
11. Z-burst- You get the idea.
12. Full-automatic
13. Gangsta-First, second, or third shot unlimited full auto, every subsequent pull is one of the modes above. This mode makes for some very impressive combos of firepower.

I pulled out my old LCD Fly board, and screwed in the Tadao. I readjusted my trigger, and began to figure out how to set the settings on the board. Very easy to do. I changed my MROF to unlimited, fire mode to PSP Max Ramping, and lowered my dwell to 8. I loaded up my Cheetahed Halo with Hellfire, and took it outside.

Words cannot describe the insane ropes that emanate from the barrel. On PSP Max, I was hitting around 25 bps rather easily. Giddy with excitement, alas I degassed it and turned on "Gangsta" mode. Hellfire is expensive, so I decided to do this mode in Test mode. This is very similar to Demo on the Fly board. (For those that donít know, it will max out the board, provided no paint is detected. If the eyes see paint, it will not fire.) I enabled Gangsta and Unlimited PSP. The normal clicking from the noid vanished, and turned into an insane buzz. There is no way it was cycling under 40 cps. I let off the trigger, and pulled it again. Sure enough, PSP unlimited. I tried it with the other modes, like Rebound and Z-Burst. By far the most illegal thing Iíve ever seen on a paintball gun. Well, Speedy2, but thatís different.

The LED array on the board is very bright; bright enough to shine through my blue LCD window and still maintain its original color. This was a relief; as it would be no fun to require the grip cheeks to be off in order to change settings.
I have seen my share of boards, and nothing tops what resides in my Fly. It is disturbingly easy to program, very fast, oodles of modes, sexy, and backed by the MTís. There is nothing more you could want in a circuit board. Flawless.


For your viewing pleasure, I present a neat pic taken by my buddy. There I be, holding my gat.

And thereís the look you will get on your face the first time you shoot it. (Yes, itís kinda fuzzy. Itís a fancy camera on manual mode. Sorry.)

Pics of the board will come when the sun comes out. I need the sun to take decent pics.


Edit- No, that's not me in the second pic.

Now I need it.

Great write up.

How hard is it to program?

cdacda13 wrote:
Now I need it.

Great write up.

How hard is it to program?

Easy as hell.

Manual says it best:

The tournament lock must be disabled in order to change settings on the board. The push button switch on the lower right side of the board toggles the tournament lock. While the marker is turned on and in the normal firing mode (eyes on or off) push and hold the lock button. The LED will flash a red/green sequence, ending with either red or green to indicate the status of the lock. Red means the lock is on, while green means the lock is off. While the lock and the marker are off, pull and hold the trigger, then flip the power switch. The marker will boot into programming mode, showing a rainbow sequence before stopping at solid green. Programming mode can be exited by turning the marker off.

Pulling and releasing the trigger quickly will toggle between the different programming modes:

Green Debounce
Purple Dwell
Yellow Loader delay
Blue AMB (anti-mechanical bounce)
Red ABS dwell
White Fire mode
Teal Fire mode max rate of fire
Flickering Green Eye mode
Flickering Purple CPF (cycle percentage filter)
Flickering Yellow Ramp start
Flickering Blue Gangster mode
Flickering Red Eye enabled color
Flickering White Eye disabled color
Flickering Teal Eye malfunction color
Flashing Blue/Red Intellifeed dwell

When the LED is lit for the desired setting, press and hold the trigger until the LED goes out. When you release the trigger, the LED will blink to show the current setting. For example, if the current setting for debounce is 5, the LED will blink green 5 times. Once the LED stops blinking, you have 2 seconds to begin entering the new setting. To enter the new setting, pull the trigger the desired number of times. For example, to set the debounce to 2, you must pull the trigger 2 times. Every time you pull the trigger the LED will light. After all settings have been changed, turn the marker off, using the power switch.

Programming Example

If you want to set the dwell to 12, you should:

1. Make sure the marker is powered off and the tournament lock is
2. Pull the trigger and push the power button to turn on the marker.
3. The LED shows a rainbow sequence then stops on solid green. This is the debounce mode.
4. Quickly pull and release the trigger 1 time to switch to the dwell mode.
The LED will show purple.
5. Pull and HOLD the trigger until the LED turns off
6. Release the trigger. The LED will blink out the current setting.
7. When the LED stops blinking, enter the new setting by pulling the trigger
12 times.
8. Wait until the LED turns back on, indicating programming has been completed.
9. Turn the marker off.

Sounds pretty awsome. Vid!!

Do you have an upgraded board for your loader?

TriggerHappy1 wrote:
Sounds pretty awsome. Vid!!

Do you have an upgraded board for your loader?

I hope to get a vid in a week or so.





I can't wait until I have money to get a new board on my Shocker Very Happy

Great review.

Another question

Was the difference between eye modes?
Forced with shot?

I know waht test mode is.

cdacda13 wrote:
Another question

Was the difference between eye modes?
Forced with shot?

I know waht test mode is.

Delayed Ė If the eye system does not detect a ball in the breech for Ĺ second, the marker automatically fires. This is useful for sound activated loaders because it ensures that a shot is fired, even without paint, so the loader will continue to feed.

Forced with force shot Ė The marker only fires if paint is seen in the breech or the user pulls and holds the trigger for Ĺ second, thereby initiating a force shot. This is the default and the same as the stock DM4, DM5, or DMC softwareís eye mode.

Forced with shot is what the stock setting is.

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