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Angel Speed 03 Dust Black

Selling my Angel Speed 03/4. (Also pending on PBN, AOG, and a friend locally is interested as well).

Damage: Minor blemishes, it has recently been oiled and cleaned down. Also, one of the grip frame screws is not inserted due to interferrence with the trigger movement. (It is the left grip, top left screw) The screw to hold the pivot rod for the trigger is missing, but it still works flawlessly. I have a small piece of scotch tape covering the whole to keep out paint, and keep the rod in.

Performance: The gun rips, I just have simply grown tired of and wish for something new.

Pictures: Will be posted as soon as I can get my hands on a working digital camera. I apologize for lack there of, but my camera has just today broken. They should be up no later than the end of this week. Although, for the time being I do have older pictures which do not include the breach knob, volumizer, or barrel kit. (One includes low rise clamping feed neck which is currently installed)

Serial #: 7262 (Which is also written in sharpie under the breach)

(The writing has been cleaned off the marker)

Comes with:

Soft Face Bolt (Used once) / (Also included stock bolt)
Stiffi Switch Kit 12" (Used once / You add $140) / (Comes with stock barrel for no extra charge)
Shocktech Breach Knob (Like New)
New Designz Volumizer (Like New) / (Also included original valve cap)
CP Flame Drop
Java Carbon Fiber 68cu/4500PSI HPA Tank (You add 100)
Metric Allen Key Set
Angel Charger

$400 gat only (OBO)
$500 gat + tank(OBO)
$650 gat + tank + kit

Parting out will cost more than as listed above.


g36 monkey

The exact same topic on pbnation Laughing
Ill spread the word, angel for under 500. People at my school will kill for it=.

If I knew everything was working correctly and it didn't bounce like mad crazy, I would be getting my money together as fast as I could.

I'm not sure why it bounces, it's just with sensi. I'm not trying to say everything is all perfect, but I don't even use sensi. It only chops because my loader isn't fast enough. I have paint and air left over, I'll have to do some testing. A friend of mine is interested and probably buying, but I'll let you all know what's up after I test it. But yeah, I finally got the reg apart and cleaned it.

With your HALO B, it shouldn't chop at all.

For the record, thats an 03. You can tell by the stock feedneck.

I assumed it was an 03, just wasn't positive. Thanks CDA.

I messed around with it today, got it to stop bouncing for the most part.

Glassjaw wrote:

With your HALO B, it shouldn't chop at all.

What do you feed your Angel with? How fast does it shoot?

Without Sensi it is capped at 22 BPS I believe, and I use an Egg. I have halts in the shooting due to the feedrate being lower than I can shoot. I also, due to not using sensi, have encountered the breech being stuck open because a ball jam and air just leaks out. With your hopper I doubt you'll have that problem, and if you upgrade to a V-board (assuming you don't have one) you shouldn't have any problems like that at all.

I have seen myself get up to 18 or so on a chrono.

If you're interested let me know Via PM or AIM. My friend is still gathering money and going to ask his mom tomorrow, but if that falls through it is first come first serve...or whoever offers more aaargh .

If only I had $550, I might take it off your hands. I would take the gun and tank but not the barrel. I don't think my stuff could get that much money, to buy your angel.

Prices dropped. Really need this sold.

Maybe you should trade it for this beauty:

Gah, my H.D.D died on my comp at home...getting it replaced soon but not sure when. So my only source of internet is at school for now.

And no thanks Smit, looking at getting myself an EGO.
Roll Tide

Now that the DM6 is ready to come out the price on the DM5 will go down, and the same scenario for the Proto...

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