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Aussie Floyd (concert last night)

This band, The Austrailian Pink Floyd, is said to be the best tribute Floyd band in the world. I saw a concert on TV a few months back and it looked sooo much like one of there recent concerts (the Pulse). Well, I heard they were touring and coming to Philidelphia. So my father, brother and I got us some tickets about 3 months back.

After a long wait, it finaly came last night. Didnt think cameras were allowed (which they wernt, but no one ever checked and I could have easily gotten it in) so I didnt bother to bring mine. Wish I did!!! It was held at the Tower Theater in Philly btw. Wasnt very big, but there were over 3000 there. Our seats were top balcolny, three rows from the back wall... But the band was probaly only 80yds from us, and the liighting looked better.

The beginning of the concert was so suspenseful and emotional, my eyes teared up upon the first song, Breathe, because I thought I would never hear this live. It was amazing. From there they played the entire famous masterpeice album, "Dark Side of the Moon." After that they did about a dozen more songs from "The Wall", "Wish you were here", "Animals", "The Division Bell", and even a song from the early "Meddle" and last band album "The Final Cut." Alot of this was very emotional for me.

The music was precise, lyrics sounded exactly like the real thing, and the lights were so amazing!! This was such an amazing concert, and one of the best nights of my life!!

I got a shirt!

....for $25

Tour list, just deal with the crappy picture. Go see them!!!

Check out some of their songs-

Comfortably Numb This song was amazing last night!!!! Solo went on for about 10 mins!

Wish You Were Here

More songs Here

Little bit of video here

Check out concert pics on their site too. These guys are amazing!
g36 monkey

Wouldnt load right now for some reason. I will try later. Not cool

wow, thats really good

Try the link on their audio page. The links I posted for the songs are IPs Thinking , so perhaps thats only the link for my computer?

Now Im downloading the songs and making a disk Tounge .

Sounds great. I'm not a huge fan of Pink Floyd, but I really do like some of their stuff. They(Aussies)do really sound like the real thing.

Wish they'd hit Pitt.

Sounds good, not the same but very impressive.

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