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Hey Guys,

Buying an autococker for 75 $, pretty much brand new.....just need to fix itup a little. But, ive never used an autococker and ive herd there pretty nice.....and suggestions or comments for me that's be fine....thanks

Pics? Specs? An Autococker means nothing, there are soooo many bodies, and soooo many parts its hard to evaluate a purchase with out specs.

Basically with your Cocker (since its your first), bring it to a shop and get it timed (and the regs tuned). Then don't mess with it unless there is a problem, in which case bring it to the shop. Most problems with autocockers are user error, which is the main reason they have a bad rep.

Autocockers are pretty cool guns. Do as abr5 says being that he was a cocker owner.
g36 monkey

cockers have excellent accuracy given their mechanism, much like a pump only they cock themselves (hence auto cocker)

if it's a mech, and given the price one could only assume it is, do as abr says. timing a cocker take alot of finess (sp?) and practice, ask if you can stand by and watch as they time it, just to get a basic idea.

but generally if anything goes wrong, take it to a shop.

and for future reference, e-cockers are way easy to time, given that most of it is electronic.
if not all, plus they have settings for specific things.

g36 monkey wrote:
cockers have excellent accuracy given their mechanism

Hate to burst your bubble, but that was proven wrong awhile ago.

Cockers are great guns nonetheless, I've never had any bad experiences with mine. Indeed, timing is a little tough to understand at first, but there are plenty of guides online that can walk you through it, and later it becomes second nature.

Good luck, autocockers are really fun Smile
g36 monkey

o well, in my experiences the cockers generally have more of a flat trajectory, and are still accurate.

but yea, i guess i just got owned. aaargh

When you tune it, and make adjustments, be sure to use loctite.

Sorry, heres the pics...

just go to the link, cause it wont let me copy umm

thanks guys

04's are nice. I have one, converted to a pump...obviously. Cool

Start out having a tech work on it, but as you get used to it, you should have no trouble working on the gun by yourself.

Good Deal, i just dont wannna get a pump, cause i dont like how they shoot, i needed to know if this was sumin i cold rely in tourneys with.

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