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Bros truck dragging

Got some clips last night and threw them together. this is what his minitruck will do when lowered on the road. he does it to show off, scare people, amaze people, ect. we even did it into school one day. last night he added some titanium blocks. check it.
Roll Tide

Honestly, I think that is hideous. To each his own, I guess.

Wow. I'd never abuse my truck like that, and you will need some titanium to hold.

Nah its made to do that; the only thing actualy scraping is the titanium dragging blocks on the end of the frame.

Pretty cool. Don't see that too much around here unless you go to Truck Night.

put on a miniature fireworks stand and be a mobile 4th of july launch thing.

Recently.... he was dragging on a graded road, hit a manhole sewer lid..... bent the frame now, most the bar that holds the drive shaft bearings... itll be fixxed soon.

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