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bye bye freestyle... helloooo phantom

so yeah... traded off the freestyle... i've always wanted a phantom and this package was too good to pass up.

it's got a custom bobbed valve... and both vsc and a right side feed body. it came with a ccm carbon fiber barrel kit, harness and a bunch of tubes... and a couple other custom parts.

i know it doesn't have a pump handle yet, i'm trying to work that out and find out what happened to it... i should have one within the next couple weeks.

it does have a hardline kit which i will be installing soon...



Very nice Phantom. I'd love to own one and hopefully will in the future. IMO, you got the best out of the deal...I <3 stock class. Is the the regular Ronin Gear tube harness? I have one and love it, it fits really well. Nice pick-up!!
g36 monkey

those are some nice flip flops.....o and the gun is really nice too Laughing

I have a cool its not quite that cool but still cool Rambo

g36- what pump do you have?

its really cool, hopefully i will get one by august
g36 monkey

abr5 wrote:
g36- what pump do you have?

its really cool, hopefully i will get one by august

Tigs pump, it wouldnt be as cool if it wasnt previusly owned by tig.


Trade it on PBN?

Nice marker!

I saw a very rare mag pump on pbn. Great price too, wish I had the dang money.

Very Nice!!! Very Happy

Not bad

Very nice, are you planning on going s/c with it?

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