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camo template

so i am bored and wanna do something to my pump. i can either get it annoed urban camo, or i can find a template and spray paint it. i know i saw a website taht gave you templates, but i can't find it. any suggestions?

There is a guy in Miami that puts these most awsome paint jobs on markers, shells, etc. Man I wish I knew his info.

Let me go try my sponsors forum.

Ill be back.

I am not sure how it would work out on a marker but I know you can put local vegitation on a flat surface then paint, and remove the vegitation to have the natural shapes.

well....hmm....i think u should try the spray paint job, like justice suggsed. Thumbs up

i just looked at cda's thread and realized that would be the way to go. i just need to decide on a color... i want urban camo, but they don't do that, so i was thinking of either a normal camo or a rust

Anno is so 90's.

You should see this guys work. I saw a timmy that he did in a brown dragon skin, omg I almost dropped over.

Still waiting on my reply at the other forums.


Hopefully Cda see's this too.

They arent taking custom marker orders now according to the website. But maybee email them to confirm if you want to try this.

He is amazing!

i love how they did that barrel too. so beautiful! i think im gonna look into this guy. Cheers

One of the kids on our team has this... Its a carbon fiber pattern but the digi pic sucks. Looks alot better in person. Looks just like yellow/black carbon fiber.

And this is the Timmy I saw. The owner of SPO said that is the dragon Timmy. I think there is a dragon head at the back of the marker. If I recall correctly.


it looks cool, but also expensive. i saw a thread about this and they said it would be like 100

That guy is very talented. It's amazing how cool that timmy is.

Those are some awesome guns. They look so good!

I would go for something along those lines, abr5.

you have to admire the time and skill it takes for these guys to do stuff like this. absolutely beautiful...

eh, its not worth it imo. its no where near as durable as getting it annoed, and i don't think it looks that graet

i just admire the craftsmanship Very Happy

It's a fairly durable. Anno would scratch too correct?

He is expensive, but if I had the $$$ I would do it. His cockers are fairly cheap and being an 03 cocker there is a bunch you can do to it as far as ups and whatnot.

Not trying to talk you into something, just showing off this guys work and putting another option out there for pple.

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