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Cy Twombly

Yeah, I made a new account with that name but can't find the email to activate it...but anyway

I went to the Philly Art Musum on Sunday and really liked his art. You can find it here on Google images, but you can't really find my favorite peice by him, The Fire That Consumes All Before It. I couldn't really find a good picture of it but here it is:

Some more of his work:

(Also my sig)


idk why u think thats so nice...but i kno art is special and all but that one of the worse paintings ive seen in a while

I enjoy abstract art, some people just don't understand the meaning behind it or straight up don't like it. I think it is never repetative and deep. I do enjoy european and american paintings as well though.

looks like a two yaer old was drawing a house...
but, if that can pass off as art, thats cool

I could make the first two. Just give me a knife.

Art rocks and people that like art rock.

yeah, saw that new account, thought it was a coincidence that your two e-mails were "Glassjaw" with differant numbers on the end.

Cool. Good find.
g36 monkey

wow, if he makes money off of that, i could be makin money like crazy, all i need is some crayons.

u;'ll need crayons, and a preschooler.
bam ur a millionaire
g36 monkey

well let me go find little jimmy from down the lane. in the background

lol, go around offering cookies to little kids if they'll paint you a picture
g36 monkey

some parents might get mad at me....then file a restraining order..... Laughing

I like the first one. I'm not a huge art fan though, never quite "got it".

I've seen a few of those, but never that Fire one. Pretty cool stuff. I've never really been into the art scene, but I keep up with some of the better works.

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