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D-block update

The cocker project is offically now called D-block.
3rd story has been taken off.
And its now offically a mini-cocker.

I must say, this thing is so damn small.

So far, Im still waiting on price work quotes from FBM. After my first price quote I was kinda suprized ay how much he charged. So I'm hoping FBM will be cheaper.
It needs to be re-threaded.
Dent threads need to be added.
Bore and thread for angel feednecks.

And Half block.

Im thinking of putting this thing on the back burner for a while. Most of my cash is now going to playing and fixing up the LCD.

Nice. I will miss the third block though.........SEND IT TO ME! Tounge

Seriously man... you need to go PLAY.


And your fingers look nice.

You're right HS

My fingers do look nice.

wait, aren't u gunna halfblock it urself?

Im still thinking about it.

The bolt, sled and pump arm are 80$ and for an extra 70 I can have it prosseionally done. So Im still thinking about it.
g36 monkey

still looks good.....i would have it done professionaly as to not screw it up....not saying you would but i think they would refund you or somethin if they mess up.
You Wont See Me

I'd do it professionaly, because I have no skills with my hands.

Thats right.

You Wont See Me wrote:
I'd do it professionaly, because I have no skills with my hands.

Thats right.


I'd get it done professionally too.

do it urself! don't be a wuss

When it's a "hand"y job, it's always better when someone else does it for you....

Looks great cda, though I'd focus more on the LCD.

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