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As most of you know I have a 98C with RT and a bunch of ups. I am considering selling it and getting a Custom Pro E instead of waiting and getting the E-grip only for my 98C. I still run my Nerve for speedball so the new gun would be my woods/senario/backup gun. I feel the need for a little better firepower control than the RT. I find that most of the time my Nerve seems to be an unfair advantage in the woods and gets me in the killer speedball groove which can scare the new guys more than I like and piss off the blind cocker/spyder gang also. The Ion is in the same catagory and seems to be overkill also. My problem seems to be that I can rip on just about anything and I need to limit my rof so I play nice. I have shot a 2003 Dye UL Reflex a bunch (my bros gun) and consider it perfect for the job except for the whopping price tag. Help! Am I better off with the 98C w/ or w/o E-grip? or should I go with the Pro-E? Thinking

do you have a halo b with a vic board??? if you do replace the sear spring with you old sear spring and test it out.

Why would you waste money on getting basically the same exact gun but with an electronic grip? Sell your tippmann than save up for an Ion would be my suggestion.

I'd go with an Ion or just keep the 98c. Like Glassjaw said, why would you want to get a gun exactally like the one you have but with the Egrip?

Sell the 98c, and pick up a mag.

You want firepower control and to not burn through paint... get a good pump for your next marker. Pump on pump games > ramped up e-marker games, in my opinion.

Mag. Get a Paradigm from themagsmith like me. Heluva gun, heluva deal.

Im saving up money to pick another mag up. Very fun guns.
g36 monkey

you could just get an e-bolt on the 98c, i dont know what to reccomend for ya though, dont get an ion since you say you want more of a woods gun and you said ions are just too much (not money, you know what i mean...i hope) or something.
jeep 98 custom

Shoot slower?

Sell, the 98, use the Nerve, turn rebound off, and just don't tear on it. I had to learn to not shoot so much/fast all the time to help conserve paint, so I wasn't carry 5 pods out onto the field to play front.
g36 monkey

well yea, you could always do what jeep said too, i had to learn to conserve paint, my firend thinks his a-5 shoots faster than mine because he shoots more, i tell him he just doesnt know how to save.

yeah just conserve i had to learn how to do that the hard way Confused
g36 monkey

Considering what youve said in other posts, i dont think like 3 cases a day is conserving but o well. Laughing

I think that is what he means.
g36 monkey

I would think conserving is a case a day, as far as i know he uses 3 cases after "conserving", this makes me think before he 'conserved" it was like 8 cases a day Thinking

what's wrong with your R\T? i can get like 17-18 pretty easily but i turn it down to probably 12-13 when playing woods it's really all you need. i wouldn't spend the money on a new marker when you have one that works just fine, but it's your money.

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