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DM6 or Ego?

Im looking into buying either the DM6 or the Eclipse SL66 EGO - XSV Edition (Black/Grey). The DM6 will run me about $1200 while the Ego is $1900. But the Ego comes with Ego 6 Board and 6 Firing Modes as well a lot more things than the DM6. Just wanted to know what you all think because that is a lot of money to spend and pick the wrong gun. Okay thanks for your feedback.

P.S. I am selling my A-5 and Ion if anyone is interested.
g36 monkey

Im in love with dm6's
I would say save the extra money, the only problems Ive seen one have, is not having good lube, i highly reccomend motion lotion over dow 33.

dm6, if you don't like it trade it for an ego

I have tried out an Ego and they are sweet. I have also tried out the DM6 and I liked it as well. I am most likely going to buy the XSV Ego because the Ego I tried was just a plain Ego and still kicked major behind. I am looking to sell both my A-5 and Ion for about $700-$800, OBO. What do you guys think about the price? I have posted pics and specs of both guns in the Marker For Sale section of the site and what they will include. I honestly have no idea what they are currently going for but figured you guys would be able to tell me right off the bat. If you all can go to the Marker For Sale part of the site and read over what I have to offer than get back to me it would be very appreciated. Once I read over some of your responses I will be posting my gun on the PBNation. Thank you for all the help.

WAAAAY to much. you will get like 250 for the A-5 if you are lucky, and prolly around 200-225 for the ion

I was thinking over priced too but didn't say anything because of the ups listed. I didn't feel like trying to figure it all out.


wow $250 for the A-5 that is soooo low compared to all the Ups i bought for it. ight thanks.

well like 250 w/o freak kit

DM6 > basically anything.

why spend all the money on the xsv ego... the only thing that's different would be the milling... personally i'd just go with the regular 06 ego and throw a tadao board in it.

Go out and shoot them both.
With high end guns, they're all very similiar.

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