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E-99 avant...

Had it for over a year now and absolutely no problems...

ACS bolt
All-American Barrel
Evo II hopper
N2 tank

New chip or Rocking Trigger frame

is ur feedneck in the eggy feed?

yea thats a lil weird and anyway nice gun

thats the gun i want but its blue. I might want it!

I'd get a T-Board, Breakbeam eyes, and a new feedneck. That one sucks. That's not how it should go on. You are supposed to use an elbow. I'd go for one that you won't have to use an elbow on.

Not bad. feedneck is weird. I have seen them like that though.

i forgot to say its a nice gun. I am serious.

I'd go with a new board and feedneck. Nice gun though.
g36 monkey

i was actually looking into one of these if i couldnt afford the a-5 then i would have just heavily upgraded it....but i got my a-5 instead....anywyas very nice gun and go for some eyes, a feedneck....and a new board and this will be one beasy spyder.

Looks like someone takes care of thier marker. Looks nice.


I have an elbow, but it sits just too high for my liking... So I wen't ghetto with it and wrap it 3 times with duct-tape, it actually works quite well. Since this was my solution while I was out of money it was my only option, though I just got my check so I'm going to get my need feed neck tomorrow.

what's it hurting the way you have it set up? just a tip take out your trigger return will be much much easier to walk Cool take off your grip assembly, remove the screw directly above the trigger and remove the spring, toss the spring over your shoulder and replace the screw. you can then use the screw as a trigger stop it takes some adjusting but works quite well.

Justice wrote:
Looks like someone takes care of thier marker. Looks nice.

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