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Anyone have plans?  I'll be heading to the Grandma's at 11:30ish to eat and stuff, and I'll probably be there until 4ish.  Then I'll get home and then take right off to go to the girlfriend's easter.  I'll probably only stay there an hour or so, and then we'll hang out a while.

Just working. I need money and working is the only way I can make any. I didn't get home last night till like 11:30 and then I didn't sleep till 1 something because I was hungry. Woke up at 8 and fell asleep and was off and on. Went to someone's house and picked up trash stuff for the big trash tomorrow. Now I'm sitting here wondering what to do before I have to be at work at 3.
I'm thinking eating something. Maybe some hardboiled eggs.

I went to my aunt's (my mom's side) house from 1-4. I'll be heading to my grandma's (my dad's side) house later, but we're not celebrating for some reason. It is a weekly tradition though.
You Wont See Me

Went to gmas for lunch. Just got home
g36 monkey

woke up at 530
went to a sunrise serviuce w. my girlfriends family
then me and her went to my church

i got a new wallot


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