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Easy stock sight mod (A-5)

This is a no brainer, but very effective so I will post it. I used nail polish, if I want it off I just scratch it. You cannot really look down the barrel of an A-5, your view is blocked. If you ever find yourself looking down the sights, this will help you keep at least the horizontal perfect. The line goes down the back of the the rear sight, where the post should be to be under the front sight for 25-75ft shots. Just stack the front sight on top and your dead on in the most common paintball ranges, and you have a decent open sight picture to see whats going on.


Did that to my 98 a while ago. Have it on my pellet guns and semi 22 too. Helps me a lot for faster aiming.

I prefer just guessing or getting used to the way the gun shoots, but that's a good idea too. I just took the sight off my old A-5 because it sort of got in the way. Again, that is a good idea.

I might have to try that to my 98c. I do find myself wishing I could aim/mark a target faster while playing.

Just remember your point of aim (POA) Vs point of impact (POI) differences. Since you cannot really adjust your sights, you have to change your sight picture (how you line up and view the sights over a target.) Remember, if you could adjust your sights, front sight goes in the opposite direction of desired POI, rear sight moves in the desired direction. (If I want my balls to land higher, I must shorten my front sight, or raise my rear sight.)
If you can instinctive point shoot and hit a soup can with your marker at 30' on the first shot - great for you. But past 30' it is very difficult to be accurate this way. If you don't know how to aim your marker, your left with the reactionary action of watching your POI and adjusting. Then every time you poke out from cover you have to get a string of shots off to get yourself on target (then hold still to keep it). I watch players on the field throw some over me, and on a good day I hit them with my first little string of paint before they react to adjusting their POI. It's so much faster to just aim... you end the 5 min wackamole trade from behind cover if you can hit where you want to, before the paint is in the air. What takes practice is how far above the rear you need to stack the front for different ranges, since you don't adjust paitball sights - change the sight picture - paint it to see a good vertical and take your attention off the rear sight wings. That front sight is going to have to be above the rear to make up for the drop, so make it easy to aim tilted like that by this unconventional sight picture...

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