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Egg impeller mod

I know the pattern, but if I cut the Egg impeller blades so there is only 3 instead of 6, I heard it feeds faster...true or not? Because right now I outshoot my egg like crazy.

I'd heard that [makes it faster] too: not sure that it makes a big difference or not.

I'd buy a Z-Board, or cut your losses and buy a Halo or Reloader like us cool people. Cool

Try it out. If it doesn't work, get a Reloader B.

I'll get one eventually and just use the sensi/o-ring mod so I don't break my sensi pad. Unless I get my gun fly'd before that.

First, to explain this, You must think about how a egg works.
The blades put pressure on the stack, thus making it a semi force feed hopper. By cutting these blades, you lessen the chance that pressure will be put on the stack, and thus lessening the force feed ness of te loader.
Well, that my logic to why it doesn't work.

I understand that point of view, but also on the contrary...although decreasing the preassure you are allowing more balls to fit inbetween the impeller blades, thus instead of feeding 1 ball every turn you feed two. Atleast, how I understand it.

Interesting. Halo Bs and probaly Empire Bs have a cone that the balls rest on. There are probaly five or so "little parts that stick up" from the cone and spin the balls around against the wall of the loader into the chamber. Im not sure how eggs are, but I can imagine less blades would be better. I dont see how this could feed faster because the motor will still keep the same pace, it never misfeeds does it?

Not that I notice.
g36 monkey

i have heard both ways, and have seen both ways, only the guy who had done the mod was usin a little piece of crap xtra and really had no chance of outshooting it. The other kid that was there was using a heavily modded ion (as much as i hate them, it was nice) yeah, he did outshoot it (without the mod) and people that knew about it asked them to switch loaders for a round, the ion kid was willing ot switcxh but this little idiot with the xtra couldnt see what we wanted them to do it for. SO i actually never found out. THumb down

i think it would be the same, cause glassjaw said that there would be 2 balls inbetween baldes instead of one, but there are also half as many blades, so it would be that same

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