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Empire barrel kit.

So I have $250 to do anything with. I don't really know what I want to do with it. I don't really feel like spending it all right now. I saw the Empire 7 piece barrel kit going for $59.95 at Actionvillage. It looks like a great buy for a nice kit. Some of you have it. Is it still working great for you guys that have the kit?

Also, any suggestions of what to do with the money would be appreciated. My Custom Pro E is well suited right now. A new barrel is all it really needs. Any suggestions of what to put on the Pro E would also be appreciated. It alreay has a female palmer on it.

Also, if there are any skateboard things I could buy, mention them. I am not going to do the quarter pipe. It would be fun to make but not practical in the space I have. I got a nice grinding rail for free from a friend that welds. My board itself doesn't need anything. It has a new deck, trucks, bearings, and wheels.

Powerlyte sceptor kit.
Best barrel kit on the market. Way better then the freak.
You Wont See Me

Donate it to YWSM needs some new rims for the 'maro fund.

cdacda13 wrote:
Powerlyte sceptor kit.
Best barrel kit on the market. Way better then the freak.


I have the Empire, and it works well with my cocker. But there are better kits out there.

the sceptor kit is not how much i want to spend. I just want a good reliable and more than decent accuracy barrel. I want it to tolerate different sized paintballs and be better than my stock barrel. I was also, kinda wanting a kit. The Empire kit has gone down in price considerably and it seems like it would have good accuracy.
g36 monkey

i used the empire barrel kit on that cocker i borrowed and it was flawless. Very nice for the price, great accuracy and a good amount of inserts. Rambo

my friend has one. they are ok. j&j makes a kit u might wanna check out

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