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Empire jersey for sale!!! brand new!

Hey everyone... I played a tourny and won this empire jersey. it's black and grey size large. the only reason it's out of the package is the guy gave the wrong team the jerseys and the player that gave me theirs ripped open the bag. It's been hanging in my closet ever since the tourny a few weeks ago and i need some cash.

it is in perfect condition and is a very nice jersey, but i have a dye one so theres no need for this one. it has small empire logos on the shoulder area for grippage on your tank and mesh ventilation all up the sides.

price is $30 shipped... firm.

I can do paypal or a money order.

if you need to contact me my aim is fuzzynutzipper. or you can email me at or you can pm me over at the tippmann forum (my sn there is procarbinefreak) as i probably won't be a regular over here.


here is my feedback on pbnation:


If I was still playing paintball I'd hit it.

i would do it but its too small

yeah thats the thing... everyone wants their jersies ungodly baggy... oh well

i'm 5'8" and 150ish pounds and a large is great for me
Night Hawk

too bad its not worth 30 bucks (no offence)

15 and i might take it
Shocked Shocked Cool

i thought $30 was reasonable...

i'll do one better

$20 under what it is brand new from pbgear is totally reasonable and actually a pretty good deal considering it is brand new
Night Hawk

Sry its a real good deal and all, but i play mostly woods

thanx for the offer though

Thumbs up Thumbs up


Sorry, it's a little too big for me.
g36 monkey

i would buy it but i too play alot of woods, and then id feel like i have to get the pant/gloves and everything else to go with it.

i might get it for my brother ill check on it

no problem i'll still have it... i move into college on wednesday and i'm taking it with!

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