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i recently found out that you can buy eyes at radio shack
only 3.29

now i was wondering if anyone knew what kind of connector is used on DM boards.
also, how would you do the wiring? if someone has a DM (i don't think anyone does), i would greatly appreciate it if they could check and see.

from scratch i know theres a lot to it. need parts thatll regulate power, direct it, put it in the right form, determine its strenth, then the other part coded to accept and interpret it. a lot to it all i know.

well, the regulating power should be part of the board i believe. i found bushy eyes, now i just need to wire em like dm eyes...

Why don't you just use DM eyes with a DM board? Being cheap only results in a big P.I.T.A.

cause the only place to buy dm eyes in tag sportz, and they cost 40 dollars. I have 50 dollars. Not worth spending that much no a back up that is getting sold as soon as it get anno'd.

My friend has a DM5, so we are thinknig of calling up dye and saying that his eyes died, to see if we can get replacements

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