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F/S/T One of a kind 98 custom

Tippmann 98 custom with
Super RT
16 in JJ ceramic barrel
Toxic 2x trigger
Vertical Adaptor
DOP gas thru gas

Letter milled off
Exposed VA
Finger groves on front grip
Sight Rail
Top cocking mod done
Warning fillled in

It could use another quick coat of paint but I dont have the time or resources anymore for her. It is sold as is.
I'ld prefer trades, so the price offer would have to blow me away.

As for trades-
Almost anything and everything will be looked at.

My Feedback:

Trading rules:
Your feedback > my feedback= I ship first
My feedback > your feedback = You ship first
My feedback= your feedback= you ship first.
Ebay feedback doesn't count.

Thanks for looking.

Would you part out the Super R/T? If so how much?

Sorry Smitty, Not looking to part.

cdacda13 wrote:
Sorry Smitty, Not looking to part.
Ok. That's cool.

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