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Fight Club!!!

Awsome movie!!!!! Kind older I think, heard about it but never saw it untill last night. I always thought it was some Jackie Chan stupid fight movie, but its anything but that.

A lot of physcological aspects, conspiracy, shemes, views and ideas on life, ect. Very sophisticated. Really sick movie, go rent it. I think its on On Demand on digital cable.

ok. its supposed to be really weird like a Tarantino tho. is it?

Its kinda weird. I absolutly hated Kill Bill by Tarentino... so horrible. Kinda killed me from ever seeing another one of his films.. but this was good, and Hostel looks good.

Heres the yahooy thing

I think its a good movie. Unfortunately it had a negative effect on some kids at my school who thought it would be cool to start their own fight club. Owell, I dont like those kids anyways.


Rule #1 about fightclub: Never talk about fightclub.

Fight Club is a great fricking movie.

never seen it. Confused

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