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g36 monkey


I was at a scenario at Camp Blanding all weekend.
It felt good to play again.
At one point on saturday I didnt feel like using paint so I actually just dropped my gun and went out and danced and stuff.
The other team got really ticked off haha.

I won stuff for my ion, like a new body, new bolt, got some lube, and JT knee pad shorts things, and some otehr stuff.

It was very cool.

Any of you guys playing?

Haven't played for awhile. I think I will be selling my Minion because I need the money.

I haven't played in a while. Hopefully I'll get to play this weekend with my new protege (should be here tomorrow, will get pics up soon)
g36 monkey

i screwed my ion
had to run it to the shop

idk what i did
they are just notorious for problems though lol
tooo touchy

but yea, the new body is orange and the bolt is a tech t7?

An Ion...too touchy? Seriously? That thing is like fool proof. I don't see how you could screw it up. As long as the bolt is lubed, it works flawlessly.
g36 monkey

not the ion itself.
from my experience though, the time you take it apart is when eveyrthing screws up.

happened to most of my friends.

plus i dont like dealing with fragile stuff, and all that stuff seems delicate.
my proto seems more durable i guess.

and the bolt is much easier to get to

yeah, Ion bolts are a pain to get to. I see them go down a lot, but its usually teh users fault. They are only $140 new now.

I got my protege today. Its awsome. Sooooo light. It cames with the power trigger and tadao board. Its quite nice.

Pshhhh no, the team broke up....Not cool

The bolt is the biggest downfall about the Ion. I wish I had a different body and firing can that lets you pull the bolt out the back. Otherwise, I have never had any problems with it except for once when the first few balls wouldn't go very far because the bolt was sticking because I didn't lube it up like I should have.
g36 monkey

yea, that was the first time i ever took my bolt out. i didnt treat my ion nicely  Laughing

but now i know its not quite as hard as i had assumed, but yes, different firing can/body would make it muuuuch better.

The wiring on my proto scared me. For one thing, the eye ribbon was being pounded by the trigger stop. Good thing the guy put on a brand new ribbon before shipping it to me. I moved it over to the side and taped it down to make sure I wouldn't be pounding on it anymore. I also am afraid of stripping an o-ring on the bolt because of the threading and I don't have a kit for it.
g36 monkey

i almost blew one of those tiny o-rings once, that was a bad day haha.

and the guy that i bought my proto from mus thave ripped out the ribbon cable too, now we have it rigged in there all ghetto and stuff, but it works just fine.

i would fix it if i ever sold it though, im thinkin about buying new eyes eventuallly.

Glad to hear all of you are playing again.

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