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I finally got out to play some paintball. This time it was only speedball for me. This was the first time I actually played speed. It was great. I did very well too. There was one part where it was 2 v 3 after we had one guy out. All their guys were lined up as in a center 50, middle right 45 and a back right. I was origianlly going to the snake to get the 50 out. I did so, but all so layed a long line and got all 3 of them out. People were congratulating me for the good move. My Ion was ripping great except for the bad part in the morning. It was cold out and the balls were just breaking in the chamber every few shots. My Ion's eyes were blind the rest of the day because I couldn't clean them well w/o taking the gun apart. I did a lot of good moves. The one thing I need to get down is communication. I always forget to communicate until I am just sitting there looking for someone. I was also playing on a brand new air ball field. I think I also might have just found a team because a worker and his teammates were looking for a new player. So hopefully that works out. I also got to see Rico's Revenge from the Tippmann forums. He was a very nice guy, a gun whore, but a very nice guy. This was definately a great weekend.

So anyone else play lately?

I wish i couldn't played. We are supposed to practice to get ready for a big tournament, but the field owner is being lazy and closing right after the group leaves for the day.

Although I just found out that I am trading my timmy and this old tank i have for an upped to hell 05 speed.
g36 monkey

Dude, way to go.
I played on sat but only for a few hours. 2 pros came out to our field, they were pro wipers i found out too. Because i know i hit them. O well, its a game.
I also joined a team, basically all the regulars at my field, jerseys on its way and everything.

I wanna play paintball Not cool

After December 15th I'll either be playing a lot or not at all.

It's the day I find out if I get into college.

My Evil Pipe kit has come off backorder. It is now on its way from Chicago all the way to Texas. I am excited to see how it looks and performs with my gun, I might just wait another week before I go play so I know I have enough money to play after I pick it up. Also should be picking up some NDZ delrin detents.

Haven't played in a couple of weeks. Saving up for Toys for Totts game at Old River next weekend.

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