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I went paintballing today. Best time of my life playing paintball. Cmae home with quite a few welts too.

The day started out really slow. I showed up and only 2 guys are there. One is fixing his Halo. Another guy comes, but leaves because no one is showing up. I had gotten there at 11ish and people didn't start coming until 2:30ish and so we finally got to play at 3. I had a lot of good shots and runs all day. My evil pipe was shooting flawlessly and the Ion didn't chop at all. Never used a squeegie all day. When checking the accuracy, the balls were literally hitting right on top of each other. Last game of the day, we played all the speedball fields (it's really long put together) and played center flag with respawn. I ran up the field up 3/4 the way and did some damage. Later as the game went on, they started to get closer to our side. I went up the side and took out a lot of people. We had them on their heels. I got the flag and ran for it. I was one foot from hitting their wall and then I got hit. It was so tiring but really fun. The thing that made me mad was that the other team just picked up the flag and walked it to our side.

It was a great day and I made friends with 2 people. Only payed $20 for the whole day because I used paint from a while back. Also got a 1/2 off coupon for next time due to me waiting for all those hours.

Any of you play lately?

I played today and I'm playing in a Cfoa tourney in Tennessee this weekend. I also picked up a Gen 3 Quest today.
You Wont See Me

I'll play next weekend.

I havent even been shot the past 3 or 4 times we've played. I need to find some better people to play against.

Its Normally just teams of 4 on 4, but i've done 2 vs 6 where my teamate got out first and it ended up 6vs 1 and pulled it out. You miss being lit up after ahwile.

I haven't played in forever. I'm actually selling most of my paintball stuff as we speak...
g36 monkey

just played on saturday.

got hit 4 times the whole day.

people thought i sucked, because i always screw around in the beginning, and my equipment had some troubles.

once i got the kinks worked out i did alot better.

i played my friend who was semi pro (had the shocker and proto if anyone remembers) and i got a lucky hit on him, but he wiped it and went to bunkerr me lol.

but my gun stopped working so i just called out.

he was mad lol

At the beginning of the day. This one newb got me out pretty early on. He thought it was all good. But after I had that first game, I started playing more like a pro.

redneckdeerhunter wrote:
I played today and I'm playing in a Cfoa tourney in Tennessee this weekend. I also picked up a Gen 3 Quest today.

Mine came the other day but my Pin cap is <'looza filter owned this word> stuck. The guy who sold it to me, sold it for his friend. He said he would get on his friend's case about it; hopefully he does.

Other than that I'd imagine mine shoots fine, haven't aired it up or put paint through it yet though.

...lawl at the swear filter...

Haven't played in a while (and probably won't for a while). There is a Scenario called NJ Nam that I really want to do with my pump, just because I've never done a scenario. I could probably go, if my friend and I had a place to put our stuff (my mom would drop us off, so we would have no car). I have soccer every weekend for a while, taking up all of my time. I'm going to a tourny this weekend, and have been traveling 3-4 hours for a game every weekend.

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