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Wooo, finaly playing paintball this weekend! Its probaly been close to three months since I last have. Still never really shot the Mag yet and finaly will this weekend. Im a little worried about inconsistancy since I havnt broken in the reg. Forced to rent and use a 48/3000 there since I still dont have a tank... If they have any 68/4500s in stock for under $200 Im definatly buying one. Ill pick up a new feedneck and ASA there as well.

Playing at Paintball on the Fly in Oaks PA near King of Prussia. Its right down the street from glassjaw too.... Rambo . Ill be there saturday before noon-5 or 6pm, join me!!
Great feild, a huge X-Ball set up usualy. Refs are amazing there too. Check out their site for pictures and such. Im excited!!!

Ill post pictures and videos in this same thread later. RTs are illegle there, but should I bring my 98 just to shoot it over the chrono for undeniable 20bps proof Very Happy . Ofcorse Ill bring along my old MiniMag for a back-up.

Sounds like you'll have a fun time. Havent played for a couple of weeks now and I wont be playing for sure this weekend. Im going shopping for homecoming...
g36 monkey

Have fun, cant wait to see that mag shootin. And yeah, take the 98 and wow em with your tippmann skills.

Well...... looks like I wont be buying a tank there tomorrow. Just called, no 68/4500s in stock. So I need to order from actionvillage by next weekend to own some outlaw woods kids. Plan to get an on/off ASA and new feedneck though. And Glassjaw might be there Very Happy . Playing from around 3-9pm, should get a lot of games in.

Gurrilla air tanks.
175 in stock for a High out-put tank.

Have fun.

I need you to tell me if mags are gas hogs because my friend that has a way upped mag says that it takes an 88/4500 to get 1300 shots. Sounds odd, but just wondering.

I don't think I'll be able to make it trig. Maybe next time.

No prob, Ill be going there pretty often from now so there be other times. A few teammates are going I think, one just got a Shocker and the other has an E2 frame on a Trilogy (if Im thinking of the right guys).

Mags are very efficiant I believe, Ill get some estimates for what I get off a 48/3000.

Sweet, have a good time. Bring camera just in case Asshog shows up.

Well, my friend has a mag and is selling it for $400. He said he has put a lot of money and time into it. I am thinking of buying it. He said it was very walkable and it had a nice 90* grip with the front grip right in front of the trigger guard. It was nice and compact. I am really considering it. Just let me know how the gun works.

Oh I will. *Batteries Charging*

If they let me use my 98 on the chrono (RT illegle there) Itl be the ultimate 20bps proof video. Then I can finally own all those idiots on specops forums who said "Dude, its physicaly impossible for a 98c to do over 15bps. Tippmann would say if it could."

Hope to get some vids of me playing, the Mag, and some games as well.
g36 monkey

Ive seen 98s over 15 bps, plenty of times. I was shootin one a while ago, owning all the people while he used my almost stock a-5 (dbl trig and bigshot)

OK soooo, first my day sucked, then it rocked. Typed a lot, divided it into sections if you only want to read about certain things.

Got there around 2:30pm, saw Kevin and Dan from the team, with a friend who never played before (not bad at all for his first time). I chrono in my Mag, consistancy varied about 20-30fps, which didnt seem TOO bad. Off the break I get off about five shots, and the trigger rod gets stuck back, call myself out... Unscrew and rescrew my tank in, its back to normal, try to play again, same thing happens. Take apart and oil it, works, but after about 20 shots, again... I figured it was something with the level 10 bolt, and figured out the bolt wasnt being pushed back all the way to about 1mm. So took out a shim in the powertube, nope. Then tryed to swap the lvl 10, with the lvl 7 standard bolt from my minimag, but didnt have the right parts. So reassembled it, then started messing with the ULT. Added a shim and got some bounce if I tried (like a Tippmann RT), but with the extra shim I could walk it so well, like any Spyder, it was amazing. But sure enough, after walking a few good streams before playing, same < poo >. Gave up on it and went with my MiniMag. Bastards said it was tuned. I know exactly whats wrong now. If I had a tank I could have avoided this.

Very pissed that I have a new $500 gun just laying there, and Im forced to use my old POS (compared to that). Played with that about three rounds, worked fine like usual, but slow. Sooo I thought about switching out the X-Valve with the Classic valve from the MiniMag. It worked very well, and I could actualy exceed 10bps with the Intelli. So used that the rest of the day.

Ok, now, for pics and stories-

Everything ready to rock, unknowing of the bullshit I would have to go through.

Dans Talon, with a siiiiiiiick paintjob. He was going to, but never used it.

Mag, with the new Redz on/off I bought there. The guy behind the counter said it really isnt the best one out there, but I was extremly pissed at the stock AGD ASA that destroyed the oring every 3 screw-ins. I really like the new ASA nevertheless.

My little buddy, which I was forced to use...

Dan's E2ed WGP Trilogy, sooo funny. The pull is just ungodly, I seriously couldnt see it being pulled looking at it from the side when he pulled it. It was amazing, has an eye too. But when he first went to chrono he got some bounce, which he astonishingly fixxed very quickly. That gun was sick, for any Trilogy.

Guy in the snake

Shot in the finger which was on the trigger and actualy fired a shot. Was from an awsome guy with an Angel too. We both agreed it was pretty sick.

Mess!!! Dye Stickie= no longer sticky. Plus theres paint inside the Frame now.

Note the Classic valve on there.

Story- Bunkered EGO guy hard.
Ok, this cocky, asshole-like guy with an EGO showed up towards the end. I was totaly on the other side of the feild (behind dorito in pic) while he was behind one of the links in the snake. I moved over to the X to try to get out the guy in the back corner. Did so. Noticed that guy was in the snake and didnt think he saw me, obviously he didnt because the X obscured his view. So I got to the closer half of the X, but a bunker blocked a shot from him to me, or me to him. Soooo, i ran to the snake and completly jumped over it. Then just poped around that halfmoon there and shot him numerous times. He was so unsuspecting, he almost shot back. Immediatly after he yelled to me "Oh your f-ing f-ed now." But he didnt ever hit me later, I only owned him two other times...

Oh before all this, held his EGO because he wanted to see if he could get bounce on my mag (even after I told him he couldnt because it had the classic valve.. he was too ignorant to listen). The Ego was so thin, and not as light as I thought, but pretty cool.
This pic will give you a better idea of the story, pretend that dude isnt there.

Story- Made a little kid cry.
Ok, this group of probaly 10 total n00bs showed up. It was me and three of them vs two differant older n00bs and two of them. Off the break I totaly ran up half of the snake. From the 50 I shot a guy in the ass, moved up about 10ft, shot two other guys in the side, and finaly moved up to the end of the snake and shot a little kid behind a pillar, I came around to insure the feild was clear and then jumped with excitment that I took out the whole team. But the kid immediatly dropped down crying as the ref quickly jumped in and stopped the game and asked to clear the feild. I nailed the kid in the back of the neck. I apologized to him numerously, and bought him a pack of candy. Still feel bad about it. Went a little easier the rest of the day.

Story- Ref says Tippmann cant do 20bps..
While chronoing one game I asked if they allowed RTs. He said it depends how fast its set. I said mines set at 20bps, hes like no, no Tippmann can do 20bps. I said sure they can, I goldwaved it, Ill prove it to you now if you let them fill my co2 for free (RT works shitty with HPA). Never got it filled, so at closing time I put on the 48/3000 I rented, with 1000psi left. Over the chrono didnt get higher than 18bps, and really couldnt sustain over a 2second burst. The refs were on the feild cleaning up btw. So I went on the feild and started unloading on a hanging stuffed animal, I swear I heard "daaaaamn." I told the same ref that it was doing about 18bps which he didnt believe. So we took it to the chrono, but could barly keep a long enough measurable burst going. He said its physicaly not possible for the bolt to cycle that fast, and the chrono is wrong because it times the length between two shots and estimates (makes no sense why it would be wrong..). Said I goldwaved it and everything, he didnt beleive it. Then I said, "Your not going to beleive this, but people have gotten them up to 24bps with some mods." "Ill beleive it when I see it. Still an impressive gun though." "Ill be back..."

So, the Mag when I added that extra shim shot like a DREAM!!!! but not for long. To fix all this is one simple brass ring (powertube spacer) which I was unaware of at the time. Playing this weekend again prob, with it working right.
g36 monkey

Nice pics, i especially like the one with the drawing Laughing . I have seen tippys shoot over 20 so that ref dont know crap. Hope you show him some other time.

Next time bring a co2 tank so you can show them off. Too bad you didn't get the gun shooting correctly because I want to know how efficiant it is.

Did you oil it before you played?

Remember, mags LOVE oil.

Also, read up on the ULT, it can be very prickly.

Sad to hear it didn't work too well.

I did bring a tank, it just wasnt filled. Ill show them next time...

Yes I did oil it when I got it, and added some when it was giving me problems, which did temporarily help it.

I know it was the carrier. It actualy took some force to push the bolt all the way back, which is why the bolt wouldnt quite reset, because of a carrier too small. I took it apart and found that the carrier and the bolt were too tight. So I switched up two carriers (.32-.324). Now the bolt slides nicely through it, but not loosly. Too bad I cant test it to make sure it works...

sorry to hear the mag gave you problems but glad to hear you got it working have to look hard into a HPA tank now! oh yeah go easy on the little kids! Laughing

Sounds like you had fun even though the Mag didnt work right. Glad to hear you got the problem fixed though. You'll have to keep us informed.

Liked the stories.

Ya Im pretty sure I got it working. I screwed on my tank (with very very little air in it) and didmt have the bolt stick, at first. The pressure was so low I got some weird reactions just for kicks. Got video too. Click here to watch MVI_9509
Its funny how at the end, Ill pull the trigger, nothing will happen, then like 3 seconds later itll push forward. I found it very amusing.
g36 monkey

Dont got time to watch vid now. Will watch later.

g36 monkey wrote:
Dont got time to watch vid now. Will watch later.
That was a senseless post. You don't need to respond to every post. It is just pointless and makes it look like you have nothing better to do. Go play sports or something.

Robocop FTW...!!!!

I watched it earlier, I helped establish the funniness of it...

Ya there is a certain someone on this forum I am not a big fan of, sorry.
g36 monkey

i dont really care. and my father wont let me go outside becaus eit wa slike 9:00. Otherwise im outside alot. Go ahead and keep on hating me, doesnt bother me one bit.

now...on topic- sorry about your gun. That was very interesting how it did that. Hope ya fix it.

wow u took time on this thread good job and it must of been tiring Salut

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