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Well, as some of you know, I was planning on selling my 98 and purchasing a cocker to convert into a Sniper II. My friend has pretty much backed out of the deal, so I've decided to keep the 98 and upgrade her like I had originally planned. I plan on getting a RT and Cyclone and was wondering if Tippmann will send the Banjo T fitting for free? or if I had to buy one?

I'm actually really excited about upgrading the 98, so I'll probably update every now and then and hopefully get my hands on a digi-cam so I can show her to you all. Thanks for any help!!

call them and tell them "i just got a new R/T and cyclone feed for my new 98c...and the fittings don't seem to fit together(or some other lie yoou can think of) and i was wondering if you can help me." so just straight out lie to them...that should do not you can always buy one from remember when you call them try to sound like a total

Pretty much what Grunt said. Or just call and ask. If they say no then call them again sounding like what Grunt said. Are you planning on doing some milling?

I will have to try the whole "I have no clue what to do" line when I call Tippmann up.

I thought about doing some milling, but I'm not the kind of person who is good at that stuff and I dont want to mess up. I actually dont mind the "TIPPMANN 98 CUSTOM". I have a few other upgrade plans for her and that'll be it.

       Paintapalooza Forum Index -> Upgrade Help
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