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g36 monkey

Fixed my baby

My proto had a problem with the ASA, fortunately it was just my stupidity, but i havent played with it in a while because i thought it was broken. I had just mixed up the screws, I need to remember the longer screw goes in front on the ASA ha ha.

I also got an egg for free from my friend, its a little messed up, so Im trying to find a way to stick the battery door on. Dont have enough money to finish up my B2 and other Halo, hows everyone else doing?

(Sunday is my birthday, its also easter, Im playing on saturday)

I want to go play paintball so much. Money is kinda tight with me because I am saving for a car. I can't spend much on other activities so I basically only bowl now. I should be able to play sometime soon for only about $25 because I have a case of paint left over. I definately hope I can play on my birthday, Cinco de Mayo because it is a saturday and I get friday off because of the holiday. Do any of you get this holiday off? I might only get it because of the many mexicans in my school.

I don't get friday off THumb down

Haven't played in a while. Currently looking at buying a mini mill (again), but something bigger than what I was looking at last time. I got my BKO for my project for 65 shipped, but the noid is shot, so I am getting refuned 25 bucks. So 40 for a BKO w/ a broken noid, not bad. Hopefully I'll get my project rolling soon.
g36 monkey

thats a real good deal I think ha ha.

and yea, the car situation, i had found an 87 chevy blazer that looked amazing, for $650.

of course, within 4 days it was gone.

so it shattered my hopes and dreams.

Now Im in the market again, might check ebay.

I'd stray from ebay. You can get some awesome deals, or you can get ripped off big time. Also, if it's for under $1,000, it's more than likely not worth it, because it will break down within a week and you'll have to keep pouring more and more money into it. (My friend has/had a 1970 something 3/4 ton GMC w/ a 7" lift and 36" Super Swampers. Got it for like $600 and has been pouring money into it since. Just get something a little nicer) The only thing with my truck that makes it better for being that old, is that it only has 90,000 miles. It was also well taken care of. Make sure you look for things like that. I got a heck of a deal on mine...well kinda. I guess I paid just as much for the wheels and tires as I did for the truck itself, but that's just a guy thing I guess. Tounge
g36 monkey

body had like 200,000 miles on it but still looked brand new. engine only had 80,000 on it and transmission was new. it looked good. but i would have test drove it or something prior to even thinking about buying it.

thanks for the tips though
You Wont See Me

I a wire split in my E-grip the other day when I was playing. Easy fix though.

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