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Flatline Barrel System

Ah, the flatline, my first upgrade. I got this barrel for Christmas and I was hooked onto it. It is a great barrel. It has a guaranteed extra 100 feet. It stands up to its promise and gives great performance. It is not an accuracy barrel, but rather a long distance barrel. The barrel was made mainly for the woodsball players that play in big areas that regular barrels don't have the projectile to cover. The barrel system is tough and sturdy. It will take abuse very well. It is a little picky on paint, but you can still use cheaper paint. The barrel is curved which is unusual to most, but this curve in the barrel is the design that was made to add backspin to the paintball to add further distance. It is sort of like how a bullet is spun inside the baarel to help achieve better distance. It takes small to medium bore paint. Most people say that the barrel does not work well under high rates of fire. That is a lie. I can easily turn my r/t to 18 bps and not chop one ball or have a break in the barrel. THe flatline will last you for a very long time. After you hvae used it for many years, it will need to be sent to Tippmann to have the insides blasted again so it will still work as it is supposed to.
I give it a 9/10 because it can be kind of big.
Some tips are to keep your gun straight up and down as best as possible. If the barrel is turned, the balls tend to swerve to the side. You can use this swerve to your advantage by using it to get others behind trees. When installing the flatline make sure the little notch on the end is upwards, or els you will experience problems with the balls swerving. When you follow these steps, you will be taking many peple out and impressing others as well as yourself.

I love the review but you could make it even better with pics. Maybe give some tips on using it.. Smile

rossy11223 wrote:
I love the review but you could make it even better with pics. Maybe give some tips on using it.. Smile
I wish I had a digi cam. MAybe I will pull some pics off the Tippmann site. I will also put tips in, in just a second.

I approve, which is the only thing that matters.
You Wont See Me

I'd suggest edit the review and adding how it works, you didnt mention the curved barrel or the backspin anywhere.
Night Hawk

ya i got a friend who has a flat line he love how he can make the ball tur ever so slightly to nial guys

lol lol In charge

My friend has one and really likes it. He doesnt like how picky with paint it can be.

Good review.

This is just some added commentary regarding the Flatline and its use. Enjoy.

How it works: The Flatline barrel is designed to generate lift on the paintball. It's the same principle as an airlplane wing. Air passes over the top of the ball slightly faster than it passes under it. (The backspin generated by the barrel is what causes this)


Why this is REALLY important: The barrel always generates the same backspin but if the barrel is tilted to either side the spin will not be aligned with the ground. Rather than generating lift the backspin will now generate "pull" which will have two unsatisfactory side effects. There will be no added distance and the ball will tend to curve in the direction of what should be "up" (left or right with increasing severity as you increase the tilt of your marker).

Accuracy: One of the chief complaints with the Flatline is that it is innaccurate. This is not entirely correct. While certainly not the most accurate after market barrel, there are a number of factors which contribute to the myth of its innaccuracy.

1. The more out of perpendicular to the ground your marker is the more erratic your shots will be.

2. Paintballs are inherently innaccurate anyway and with the increased flight time this deviation becomes more noticable. At comparable ranges the Flatline has acceptable accuracy.

3.The further something is away the harder it is to hit. Sometimes it's just plain old operator error. Smile

Flight Time Vs Velocity: Another Myth about Flatline balls is that they are slower than other barrels. This is also mostly untrue. I will assume that everyone understands that if a Flatline and a Bighshot (for example) are both chrono'd at 280 FPS that the balls are travelling at identical speeds when they leave the barrel. They will also both loose velocity at virtually the same rate as they fly.

Late in the flight however things change. Because of the lift, the Flatline ball is able to continue in flight...but it's still loosing velocity and is therefore going slower. At this point, it will be traveling slowly and may appear to float. The important thing to remember is that the Bigshot fired ball has already come to a complete stop on the ground. One final word on this, because of the loss of velocity Flatline fired balls often lack the required mometum to break at extreme range and bounce harmlessly off the target. Again, a rather unsatisfactory result.

Care and feeding: Flatlines use a non-smooth surface to help generate the backspin and its very important to keep your Flatline clean. For best results, remove it and clean the interior of the barrel with warm soapy water after everyday of use.

With proper understanding and care the Flatline barrel is a valuable asset for any Woodsballer or Scenario Player.

Great post Betterdays

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