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This is my flatline. It is in great shape. very good performance. I have always been pleased with it. It has 4 scratches on the barrel itself. Oddly, there are 2 on each side, but the scratches are covered by the shroud. The second pic shows a closs up of a scratch. The shroud has camo tape on it, but I will take it off and clean it, if you buy it. At the end of the shroud(the butt) there is a small area where i cut it so my rocket cock would fit on with the flatline. It isn't very noticeable.
My price is $75 without S&H.

32* Remote

Flawless. No scratches that I can see. New o-ring on the pin for a good seal. Recommended working pressure of 3000psi, so you are safe. It stretches further than needed, but does not stretch unless you want it to. It is a good thick line so there are no worries about it snapping or anything. Also, it is a slide check.
Not firm $25 without S&H.

Ronin 6+1 Harness with camo straps.

This harness holds 140 round pods down to 100 round pods. Velcro straps that hold tightly. There is a strap that goes around your waist with a snap buckle. The waist strap also has a little pouch for holding little objects. The strap holds onto 4 different areas using lock on teeth. The tank slot holds tanks a little bigger than a 20 oz. One of the straps that holds the tank tighter to your back has broken. There is still one other tightening strap though. Once sold, I will clean the product from paint and dirt.
The price is $25 without S&H.

I also have a brass eagle 4+1 harness and some elbow and knee pads (not made for paintball but can if wanted). They are only $5 without S&H.

***All shipping charges will be figured out depending on how many things are bought and how much the shipping method costs. Also,I am not sure on payment method.

Most of you I will trust and I could possibly ship first. Others I do not trust will either need to show me strong feedback or else pay first.

I am not looking for trades, but offer up anyways.

Thank you for looking.

pm sent

my flatline has those scratch things too just like yours. must be a manufacturing thing.

Every thing is still up for sale. I might be able to lower prices for you on certain items.

Remote and 6+1 pending...

AHHH crap theres my remote!! Very Happy Very Happy

dont got any money though THumb down

Remote and 6+1 areSOLD SOLD SOLD

Flatline SOLD

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