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For you woods and/or senario players.

I was checking out this site for a parts kit and I saw these:
What do you think of those? Know a better price?
g36 monkey

look like it should work pretty well...i dont know where to get a better price.

looks alright for scenario and if u want em cheaper just look at a military surplus store i guess
You Wont See Me

We've used the smoke grenades that show up around the 4th of july before, but they pose a fire hazard.

It looks like those would work much better.

Better make sure the field you play at allows them, especially during fire season. If it has a flame ya might not be allowed to use em.

Looks kool tho.

Looks pretty cool. Sounds like a good idea too.

The military surplus store here doesn't have them. If I buy a parts kit from these guys I may get a couple of those shipped out also. One to test behind my shop of course.
70,000 cubic feet in 3 min - that's 2,593 cubic yards. A concrete truck holds 9 cubic yards... That's a lot of smoke.
I'll play with it with some friends at my woods field, nobody will care out there.
g36 monkey

definitely sounds like a plan...

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