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For whatever reason, tonight I was in the mood to make a forum.

I was curious what type of forum you guys would be interested in joining,if I were to make one. Or if you think it's a horrible idea all together.

I'm not at all worried about trolls, so don't reply warning me. Any feedback would be welcome.

I might regret this post in the morning, due to it's unimportance, but whatever.

You could make one huge T&O Forum. Other than that I'm pretty sure the whole joining a new forum phaze is over. It might be worth a shot.
You Wont See Me

If you get enough people together anything would work

make a forum about starting a forum, that way anyone looking to learn how to make a forum wouldn't have to wonder how to make a forum, all the forum info would be on one forum, thus reducing the need for small forums. it would be the forum of all forums!!

LOL, just a thought?

I like Smitty's idea of a huge T&O.

I made one about guns and hunting and stuff. Didn't work out to well...

loving tig's idea
Roll Tide

I would join a big T&O.

Roll Tide wrote:
I would join a big T&O.

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