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Found a defiant 2

Well this guy is interested in my Ion and says he will do straight up for my Ion when it gets detents. I don't think he is taking the pipe kit when I get it.

Just have a question, is it worth to trade from my Ion for a stock defiant?(he might give me his halo b with rip and hybrid shells and speed feed)

Only problem is that I am on a forum that is mainly Houston, Texas people and they are always meeting to trade and buy. He said he doesn't want to ship, and so I asked if I paid for his shipping, would he ship. He hasn't responded yet. Confused

This is what my Ion has

Black Ion
CCM no/pro rise
NDZ roller blade trigger
SP mini drop and asa
spring delrin detents coming very soon

A kid I know had a defiant, it was terrible.
Decent speed.
But it never 'felt' right. Very unbalanced.
He was always having problems with it. (Granted, he is an idiot and might have caused all these problems.)

eh, d2's are ok. they aren't to slow, but are load and inefficent, and not to relaible. seeing as how he is trading his d2 for an ion, i'd say his is probably tuned like crap, and will barely shoot.

but if you know someone who can tune it, go for it

He traded for a shocker. I thought the same thing when he would go from a d2 to a Ion. When thinking about it, I decided I would rather just keep the Ion because it is small and light and I have upgrades coming.

I did get an offer for my Ion w/o pipe and $250 for a nme, but I said no.

nme's are worth like 350 lol

they are great guns though, kinda heavy, but really fast

He said his was one of 50 painted that certain green, but he switched parts out to give it black accents. He said it looks really good. When researching them, I saw they were pretty heavy so that was a turn down. He does have a WAS 2.9? on it.

defiant 2's are not heavy AT ALL. lighter than an ion by far. maybe you raed about a defiant one

and it is annodized, not painted

I was talking about the nme, and I know it is annoed, but I just was rushing through and said painted. I wasn't really focusing on the point of it being painted or annoed more of the point that the nme is olive.

I bet you would enjoy your Ion over that.

I'd do it.

Maybe I will wait and see how the inverts do and get a used one.

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