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Freeflow Matrix F/S maybe trade

Black with blue accents Freeflow Matrix. I've never seen a milling pattern like this before. The previous owner told me this was one of the last guns to be milled and sold before Freeflow went out of business.

FreeFlow Matrix
Anderson board
Freeflow bolt
CP trigger
CP reg

Intersting thing about this gun.
Theres a hole in the body right by where the battery goes. IT DOES NOT AFFECT PERFORMANCE. There is a piece of tape inside that covers it. This hole was not known to me when I bought it.

Price- 450 shipped OBO. Offer away.

Trades- Offer away.

My Feedback:

Trading rules:
Your feedback > my feedback= I ship first
My feedback > your feedback = You ship first
My feedback= your feedback= you ship first.
Ebay feedback doesn't count.

Thank You

You'll never in your lifetime get $450. I can't even get $400 for mine.

Sureshot3091 wrote:
You'll never in your lifetime get $450. I can't even get $400 for mine.

yeah but he's cda and you are Sureshot Salut

his is freeflow, urs isn't

cda, i bet u could get an 04 speed for that on a-o

So far i have been offer
450 shipped twice. - Looking to trade
2 timmys (one Laysa, and one 2k2)- Hate timmies
An 03 Viking- Almost took it till I realized, no eyes
Half-block'd E Cocker- Still kinda thinking about it
Custom milled 03 excal (had to add)- I ain't adding
An ion- No
A B2K- No
A promaster- Nice gun, but no.
And a cusotm anno'd phantom

Currently, its kinda sorta pending. I'm meeting up with a guy at my local field and he's going to use this for a couple games, and I get to use his 04 excal.

I really really really really really wanted an 04 viking, or a Cyborg. But an unmilled 04 excal is nice enough.

So, sureshot. Go Screw yourself.

Wow, any need to tell me to screw myself? That's pretty imature, but I'm not going to start what happened a while ago.

Yes, why Yes it was

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